Afternoon Update: Hogan, Josh Matthews, Diva News, Sable; More

Hopefully everyone is having a good Wednesday. Here are some afternoon tidbits:

  • Alex sent word that the "Hogan Knows Best" reality-show debuts in Australia on VH-1 Australia on Fridays at 9:30PM starting 8/12.
  • Starting in October, the first season of Hogan Knows best will air in Ireland and Great Britain. (Partial Source: PWInsider)
  • The Northwest Indiana News has a small bit about Josh Matthews that can be read Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • WWE divas Trish, Stacy, Candice, and Joy were at the G4 video game award show, G-Phoria, last week, shown on Tuesday, August 9, 2005. Stacy presented the award for alt. sports game, WWE Day Of Reckoning was nominated for giving away that it wouldn't win it, and she was on the pre-show event. Joy introduced the band The Bravery. Candice was shown in the crowd a couple of times. Trish was shown with the Pong stick and in the pre-show event.
  • This isn t exactly news but I found it to be quirky and odd because it s so out dated. In next week s TV Week (Aug 13 2005) in the crossword, Sable is one of the answers. 37 down, wrestler Rena Mero.
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