Austin/Bret In-Ring Returns, Trish-RAW; & More Backstage News

- It now appears as if WWE may go ahead and do the Batista/Eddie Guerrero program now and hold off on the Batista/Randy Orton program. Upcoming Smackdown house shows have Batista facing Guerrero and the Undertaker facing Randy Orton.

- As reported, the WWE WrestleMania Anthology box set will be released on November 1st and feature all of the WrestleMania shows. The box set will include four collectible cards featuring WrestleMania moments and a historical DVD photo gallery. The set will retail at $279.95.

- In the Ross Report, JR said Trish Stratus is expected back on RAW soon.

- Also in the Ross Report, JR said that he expects Steve Austin to return to the ring but not Bret Hart. He added that Bret Hart should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006.