Backstage Problems Between Hogan & Michaels; SummerSlam Screw Job?

Source: PWTorch

– Several backstage sources, both on Michaels and Hogan s side, have said that there is some real tension between them, and that the two just don t like each other. A lot of people are worried about Hogan and Michaels making shoot comments on each other, which some backstage felt Michaels has already done, especially during his promo on RAW.


There has been a lot of paranoia backstage over one particular comment that Michaels made during raw, where he said You re just one move away from your star being snuffed out, just ask Bret Hart. Some feel that this was a message to Hogan, saying that if he tries to play hardball on the finish of their match, Michaels could swerve it.

The word screw job has been thrown around regarding the confusion over the finish of the match. Although any type of real life screw job on Hulk Hogan is extremely unlikely, it may be used as a storyline to further push the angle between the two. Nonetheless, with all of the tension between the two, it ll be interesting to see what happens next.