Benoit Sets Record At SSlam, Dudley Boyz Update; & More

Chris Benoit did set a new record for a SummerSlam match by beating the record held by Ultimate Warrior which was 30.88 seconds against The Honky Tonk Man when he first won the Intercontinental Title.


Lightless sent this in: I was looking on, and found the TNA 3 Pack that will feature: Victory Road, Turning Point, and Lockdown all for one low price. It says that it is $20, and will come out on or around September 26th. You can pre-order it on

For those waiting for an update on the Dudley Boyz name, we have heard that Paul Heyman told both D-Von and Bubba Ray that they could have the names several years ago as a 'thank you' for all their hard work with ECW. It appears now though that the proper paperwork was never filed and Vince McMahon currently owns the rights to the Dudley Boyz name. Vince is choosing to not allow the Dudley's to use the name that they created well before they even entered WWE. The Dudley's are now using the name "Team 3D".


JBL has a video clip up on in which he give out his 'weekly awards.'