Big Incident This Past Weekend Involving Bret Hart

There was a heavily-promoted wrestling convention this past weekend featuring the likes of Bret Hart, Bruno Sammartino, Matt Hardy The Dudley Boyz and more wrestling stars both past and present. Tammy Sytch decided to show up at WrestleReunion 2 to set up a table to sell promo photos, autographs, poloroids, etc... She had also appeared at the NWA Legends convention the previous weekend as an un-announced guest along with Missy Hyatt. Unlike at WrestleReunion, Tammy didn't cause any problems, although she seemed bored.


From several accounts from people who were at WrestleReunion, Tammy Sytch was thrown out of the building crying and screaming by security and warned to never come back again. Apparently, she was bothering several of the wrestlers and acting unusual, mostly notably to Bret Hart.

Here is a detailed fan account of what went down...

Tammy was drunk or high. She was on something and kept asking Bret for his number and asking if they can "re-connect" as friends. She kept mentioning their time in the WWF and said she wanted to get "close" again. When Bret asked that she be escorted out, she began crying and causing a scene saying she had the best p—y he ever had and she needed him in her life because she spent all of the Candido Benefit money and was broke. She needed a sugar daddy to take care of her.


Later in the hotel, she was stumbling around the hotel topless and asking for Billy Gunn who wasn't even there. Ask D-Lo Brown, he was there. He can tell you. As a matter of fact, The Masked Maniac should try to get him on the honker for a hotline to confirm this. Tammy has fallen off the wagon and needs help.

And for those keeping score, Tammy's regained a good amount of the weight that she had previously lost earlier this year as she's ballooned quite a bit in the last month or so.