Big Update On Bret Hart & WWE Status

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August 7, 2005

We've just returned from Stamford, where everything went well and ended up being a groundbreaking step towards a positive future. The WWE wanted to pop the internet story of Bret being at the WWE studios first and it didn't seem like such a big concession to make in the overall scheme of things – so that's why we haven't posted about the DVD here at yet. Later today, or tomorrow, I'll post some of my personal photos from the trip and also Bret is going to be on Dave Meltzer's radio show, either tonight or on Sunday, August 14th. We're still working that out and will post that info for you later today.


Personal notes; Bret, Cinzia and myself left for Stamford on Tuesday, August 2nd, flying Calgary through Toronto to New York. Our plane was diverted from landing in Toronto, to Ottawa, because of severe thunderstorms. While we were in the air on the way to Ottawa, an Air France flight skidded off the runway in Toronto and burst into flames! The Toronto airport was closed and we, along with a lot of other weary travelers all over the northeast, ended up stuck overnight. The good news was that everyone aboard the Air France flight got off the plane alive, before it burst into flames! With that good news, the delays were more tolerable and we made it to Stamford on Wednesday. After all that, Bret did a seven hours interview, which will be edited into the three-DVD set, which is a joint production of Bret Hart and WWE.


The already historic photo of Bret and Vince that WWE posted was taken on Thursday, August 4th, at the end of our time there, on this visit. Our trip home was again delayed as a result of cancelled flights due to bad weather, but the upside to that was that we got to spend an enjoyable evening in NYC before returning home to Calgary. I'm originally from NY, but hadn't been back since 9/11, but that's a whole 'nother story. Just because I can't give out more details about the DVD right now, take my word for it, everything that happened in Stamford was nothing but positive and this project will be the happy ending that all of Bret's fans have waited eight long years for – and more importantly it's a beginning to the next chapter in the continuing Hitman saga. I know you're all waiting to hear from Bret on all this, so we'll get that Meltzer interview set up. By the way, to clarify, the DVD set is now called, The Bret Hart Story: The Best There Is, Was, and Ever Will Be.

More soon.