Christy Hemme Interview, Triple H/Flair, Paul Bearer, ECW


The Mobile Register has a good, long piece on Bill "Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle" Moody today. It's a "hometown boy makes good" story that is a very good read. Check it out at

Thanks to Jack Birney for the following: I live in Linden, NJ and last night while watching TV I to saw the commercial advertising HHH vs. Ric Flair for SummerSlam. The commercial has John Cena telling people to order the PPV and the car wash commercial with the WWE Divas. It ran on our Comcast system.

On the Billboard Video Sales – Recreational Sports DVD chart, two weeks after being knocked off the top, ECW One Night Stand is back at No. 1, while Vengeance slipped to No. 4 from No.2.

In today s edition of The Sun in the UK featured a good interview with Christy Hemme where she talks about about numerous topics, including the current state of the women's division. The interview is available at