Confirmed: Bret Hart Will Not Be At SummerSlam

Bret Hart is not scheduled to appear at Summerslam and WWE still has not even asked him to appear despite scripting RAW the past few weeks to make it seem like he might show up. If you really want to know his schedule, he'll be at the Greg Price NWA Mid Atlantic Wrestling convention on Sunday in Charlotte. He is leaving for the show first thing in the morning. He'll leave Charlotte on Monday to Stamford, CT. Of course, he could take a private jet but it WILL NOT happen. As reported earlier this week, there is no plan to use him and Hart has stated in the past that he will not work as a character for WWE again and won't be involved in anything that plays on his brother's death of the Montreal screwjob.


At this point, Hart is scheduled to be at WWE offices on Monday to finish up work on his DVD. WWE has put a deadline on the Hart DVD of this week. (Observer)