Hardy Booed Out Of The Building, Pics Of Trish's Return; More News

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From: danny_b_ytt@hotmail.com
Despite being advertised to fight Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship at a house show tonight, John Cena has apparently pulled out. If you phone the Memoriol Center Box Office, you will here a voice message saying that 'the card has been changed, it will no longer be Chris Jericho vs WWE Champion John Cena. Just thought this might be of interest to you, as he missed last weeks house shows in Syracuse or Albany, NY.


From: phenominalfallenangel@gmail.com
Many people have been wondering about how the Ring of Honor fans will react once Matt Hardy returns to WWE. Well, that question was answered at the last RoH event. Matt Hardy faced off against Homicide. After the match, Hardy was booed out of the arena and people were chanting "f*** you Hardy!".

From: dave9@stx.rr.com
Just got reading from a Trish Stratus website that she came back last night at the WWE house show! :) You can read the article and some pics of her at this following site: https://stratus-faction.com/