Hogan's Injury, New WWE Talent, Lots Of Backstage WWE News

Partial Source: The Torch

- Rather than his hip bothering him, Hulk Hogan has said he has four bulging discs in his lower back which has been causing him problems.

- Prior to Summerslam, there was talk of doing Hogan vs. HBK II in a cage match at Unforgiven but those plans have since been dropped.


- As noted before, the new Rob Conway gimmick was thought of by the wrestler himself. The writers had told him they had nothing for him so he took it upon himself to make something work.

- WWE has had preliminary discussions with Caesar's Palace reps in Las Vegas about hosting another Wrestlemania in the future. WWF held Wrestlemania in 1993 at the same facility.

- Matt Cappotelli, Bobby Lashley, and Tough Enough 4 winner Daniel Puder are going to pushed as the top babyfaces in OVW.