Hogan/HBK At SummerSlam, More PPV Notes for This Sunday

Dish Network has been running a free "SummerSlam Recall" 30-minute special on Ch. 456 all week long all day long. The special includes highlights from past SummerSlams with clips from matches. Ironically enough, it appears that the program was taped some time ago as Marc Loyd is the host. For anyone wanting to watch, it does have some footage of the Bret Hart/Davey Boy Smith match from SummerSlam 92 and highlights from last year's World Title bout between Chris Benoit and Randy Orton. While the program airs a few minutes of those bouts most everything else is shown in quick clip form. Dish Network and WWE also mailed out a special 16-page magazine about SummerSlam.


WWE is looking at SummerSlam as the Hogan-Michaels show and if it draws they will take most of the credit. If it doesnt draw, they'll take the blame.