Huge Backstage WWE Meeting Held; Major Changes Made


WWE management held a meeting prior to SummerSlam with both the RAW and SmackDown! crews. The point of the meeting was to discuss some new rules being enforced within the company.


First and foremost, WWE has banned video game playing from the backstage area as they don't want the wrestlers to be distracted from the job at hand. The guys frequently have contests with the RAW vs. SmackDown! game before house shows and live TV to pass time.

Secondly, the guys were notified that if they need hotels and flights booked through the office, they need to have a credit card on file with them. The old policy was that if the guys needed help from the office, it was fine and the money would be taken from their payroll.

The staff also noted that there were several big international tours coming up and that everything looked great.

It's also interesting to note that they showed a match between Hardcore Holly vs. Steven Richards from Velocity and noted that Richards did a great job putting Holly over in the match. Two days later at the SmackDown! tapings, Richards wasn't even used at the show despite praise by management at the meeting.