Huge SummerSlam **SPOILERS** For This Sunday

We can now confirm that Bret Hart will not play any factor in the Shawn Michaels vs. Hulk Hogan match. If they are going to do two matches between these two, Michaels will likely win the first and Hogan the second. If it's just one match and then the feud is over, Hogan will likely go over. As we've noted in the last few weeks, there is some serious politicking between both HBK and Hogan so the match outcome should be interesting to say the least.


Batista vs. JBL will be a bloodbath brawl type match. Batista should go over in this one and the crowd will be hot due to Washington, DC being Batista's hometown.

John Cena is all but confirmed to retain the title over Chris Jericho at SummerSlam. Y2J is expected to take several weeks off following the PPV although it's likely he'll make an appearance on RAW Monday.

Despite what happens during the Edge vs. Matt Hardy match, Edge is still going forward to be a top main eventer come WrestleMania next year. What happens to Matt Hardy after SummerSlam is anyone's guess but it wont be 'main event status'.

Chris Benoit is very likely to win the US title from Orlando Jordan. The likely finish is the crossface and that was the going plan as of last word.


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