Hulk Hogan Speaks On HBK/Summerslam, Fight With Savage, More

The following is a brief recap of Hulk Hogan's interview with "The Interactive Interview."

- Hulk Hogan explained that he's able to get over without doing anything high-risk because of his rapport with the fans and ability to work intelligently. If he were able to jump off a cage or do a dropkick, he would make sure the spot counted and made sense.


- The Hulkster is a bit nervous about wrestling Shawn Michaels at Summerslam, aware of the possibility that it could be his last match. "You're only as good as your last match so if I go out there and fall on my face with Shawn Michaels without ever getting to redeem myself, it's a sad end to a 25 year career," Hogan said.

- Hogan believes his reality show is so successful because it gives America the chance to watch a normal family with realistic problems.

- While The Rock and Austin had good runs with consistent opponents, Hogan believes that his true gift was his staying power and his ability to successfully adapt to many different opponents.

- Unable to fully comment on the Russo incident, Hogan denied claims that it was a fully planned work.


- Hogan put over Stephanie McMahon's delivery of good material for the current storyline with HBK. He also believes that despite HBK's finding God, Shawn Michaels' promo from RAW indicates that he still possesses demons inside.

- In reponse to Randy Savage's challenge, Hulk Hogan reminded the interviewers and listeners of the heavily-reported incident in TNA: "[He] told everybody for 3 years that he was going to kick my butt. I ran into him in Orlando, walked right up to him, offered to shake his hand – he wouldn't shake my hand, didn't want to go outside. He just sat in his chair and shook for 30 minutes scared to death."