Jim Ross' Thoughts On Coach Joining The RAW Announce Team

Despite being unanimously praised as a legendary announcer, Jim Ross has often taken heat for not "looking the part." Such a notion was hardly disspelled with Jonathan Coachman's claims that he was added to the team for aesthetic reasons, and in a new WWE.com article, Ross comments on his new broadcast partner.

"Our company is like any entertainment company. There tends to be a higher value placed on looks and youth rather than talent and experience," claims Jim Ross.

While Ross is aware of the criticism associated with Coach, he couldn't help but offer some words of praise for the younger announcer.

"A lot of people might not like Coach on the broadcast," said Ross. "A lot of people watch wrestling for the steak, and I think I can bring that. But a lot of people watch it for the sizzle or the entertainment. They want somebody to stir the pot, and certainly both Lawler and Coach have the ability to do that. Coach brings a different demographic and a knowledge of pop culture, which is good."

Throughout the article, Ross hammered home the fact that the addition of Coach was a decision made by management and not via his own input. He also put over the difficulty of adjusting to a new broadcasting team, yet remains optimistic that the trio of Ross, Lawler and Coachman can greatly improve.

"This isn't about egos," Ross said. "Sure, we all have egos or we wouldn't be in this business, but this is about what's best for the company and the fans. Hopefully we'll be rocking by the time SummerSlam rolls along."