Kimberly Page, Moolah/Mae Young Return, Rock, Taker, More

Moolah and Mae Young are being brought in for this weekend's SummerSlam. They are filming some sort of a video on Saturday in Washington D.C.

ESPN had a piece on "Gridiron Gang" interviewing The Rock as he said he could relate to characters of the kids in the movie because he had his share of trouble at the same age.


The three-disc Undertaker DVD is already available in some stores. The official release date is next Tuesday.

Kimberly Page appears in the "40 Year Old Virgin" movie which opens in theatres nationwide today.

During a scene where Steve Carell's character has been roped into going to a speed-dating event, Kimberly's character enthusiastically chatters away across the table while one of her breasts falls out of her dress and jiggles away in plain sight. Kimberly's other appearance in a big movie, the 2003 movie "Seabiscuit", ironically enough involves her large breasts as well. For hot photos of Kimberly check out