Light Bulb Falls From Ceiling At WWE House Show Last Night

Last night at the SmackDown! house show in Johnson City, TN, a light bulb fell from over 60 feet in the air and crashed to the arena floor below, possibly injuring one person. Here is the fan report we were sent:


A scary moment happens during the match when one of the light bulbs from the ceiling falls (it's at least 60 feet from the ceiling) right into the front row. Keep in mind these light bulbs are about 1 foot long and half a foot wide and probably weights a few pounds. Now I'm not sure if it hit a guy straight on or if it hit the railing in the front row, but either way glass shattered everywhere and must have cut someone really bad because he went running and the medics were called in. This really took away from the match, but JBL had Batista in a headlock so they held that for awhile since everyone was trying to figure out what the hell just fell from the sky. As far as I could tell it was only the one guy who got injured, but I'm sure he was pretty freaked. (Freedom Hall, here comes a lawsuit). A couple of minutes later JBL got the mic and said "I don't care if this whole s****y arena falls down, I'm about to win a Championship"