Matt Hardy Clears Up Rumors; Five Chapter Story With Edge

Matt Hardy recently answered some tough questions at a Q & A session at WrestleReunion this past weekend. Here are some highlights:

Hardy was asked to work WWE events this weekend but turned them down due to already committing to WrestleReunion which probably didn't make management happy.


Hardy was asked why he returned to WWE to get 'buried'. He noted that it was only part one of a five chapter story.

He noted that there are hard feelings between Edge-Lita-Hardy but that there were only four people who knew the entire story.

He says the two are just trying to make money with each other and when he was asked why he lost to Edge at SummerSlam, he said "Ask me again in six months".

When asked about losing to Rob Conway on Raw, Hardy said that he was "still hurt" from Summerslam.

Hardy also noted that Triple H is powerful backstage and that sometimes he agrees with him and other times he does not.