Monty Brown Leaving TNA?; More Backstage News

Source: The Torch

Monty Brown has yet to sign a new long-term deal with TNA as of this month. Brown recently signed Barry Bloom to represent him in any negotiations with TNA. Bloom also represents Mick Foley and Kevin Nash at the moment and has represented Steve Austin, Triple H, Bill Goldberg, Sean Waltman and Chyna in the past when they were in negotiations with WWE. Bloom is said to be working closely with TNA in regards to putting together a fair deal for Brown. It is no secret TNA would like to keep Brown in the company and push him as one of their star attractions, but it is likely Brown could seek employment with WWE if he is not given a fair contract from TNA. Those close to Brown have stated that he would prefer to remain with TNA for the long haul.


With TNA programming heading to Spike TV this October, management has told wrestlers that they will be able to make in the range of $20,000 to $40,000 per year in most cases, with some exceptions in the case of some of the more "top tier" wrestlers in the company. If wrestlers continue to work hard on getting independent bookings both in the United States/Canada and overseas, TNA's yearly salary could represent one-half to one-third of the potential money they could earn every year. Although $20k to $40k a month might not seem big on the lower end of what a low-card WWE wrestler earns, TNA is not in a position to offer higher salaries given that the company is still losing money while being financially backed by Panda Energy. However, TNA officials have told wrestlers that they could up their asking price for indy promotions given the national TV exposure they will have on Spike TV starting this October.