More Detailed Live Notes From RAW Last Night

Thanks to Terry Hannan of PWInsider for this:

I just got back from RAW and I thought I'd send in a report on the Heat taping and post Raw match. Because some of the entrance music was so loud during Heat I might miss a name or two, mostly the opponents.


In what must have been a Dark match, Damaja, the wrestler formerly known as Danny Basham, beat Chris Cage.

Coach's music played and He and Todd Grisham came out to the announce table.

Val Venus beat Johnny Swinger, using his new last name which I missed.

Tyson Tomko knocked out a "local" guy in about a minute, if that.

Kerwin White drove down the ramp and the ring in his new Golf Cart (with KW on the hood) as his new entrance video played. He then cut a promo in the ring. When a CHAVO chant started his reply was that "Chavo isn't around anymore. He's probably in Mexico look for Tacos."

Somewhere in here the T shirt guy shot Hulkamania shirts to the crowd. The we had to wait a couple of minutes for the live 30 second cut in commercial.


In the last Match, Rene Dupree pinned Matt Striker.

The Post Raw match was the six man. Batista, John Cena & Hulk Hogan beating JBL, Kurt Angle, & Shawn Michaels.

It was a good match with some comedy thrown in. When Shawn entered the ring he and Kurt had a brief stare down before both of them started to laugh and hugged. Another bit was when Kurt ran away from Batista on his knees to his corner. He wrapped both of his arms around JBL and had his face buried in his crotch with JBL looking around not knowing what to do. In the meantime Shawn went to the neutral corner not wanting anything to do with it. Cena did the majority of the work for his team, followed by Batista. Hulk came in for the last couple minutes and, with everyone else fighting on the outside, gave JBL the big boot and the Legdrop O' Death for the pin fall. The heels then left up the ramp. Angle was first followed by Shawn & JBL as the faces celebrated posing and shaking hands with the fans for about 10 minutes. Eventually Batista made his way up the ramp followed by Hogan and finally Cena.

Lilian then told us goodnight and thank us for coming.