More Details On Ashley s Phone Number On RAW

Thanks to Reggie Brown for sending in the following:

From what I've heard, Austin is Ashley's boyfriend. If you called right when she first posted the number on Raw, and were lucky enough to get through before the mailbox filled up, the number rang 2 or 3 times, then went to a recorded message from Ashley saying thanks for calling and she would try to return every phone call. And she asked for your vote this week in the diva search. Only after the mailbox filled up did it go to the Nextel message saying the box was full and the "Austin" recording. Some cell phone companies require separate messages be recorded for voicemail and when your box is full. So Ashley may have changed his voicemail message, but not the mailbox full message, which would explain that. Just something i thought I would pass along, since I actually got the message that Ashley left.