More Live Notes From WWE SummerSlam Last Night

Thanks to Datraceman, for the following:

I just got back from Summerslam at the MCI Center and let me tell you this was the hottest crowd I have seen in a while. The crowd was very anti-babyface with Kurt Angle, Jericho, and even Eddie Guerrero getting chants.


Matt Hardy's career officially ended tonight as well. The crowd was buzzing about this match and when it ended the way it did most people were saying Matt made a mistake coming back. The boos at the end of the match were very loud and real.

Batista didn't come across well either to the hometown crowd. The biggest pop for him came after the powerbomb on the stairs.

There were a lot of people commenting about wanting to get Captain Charisma shirts and wondering if Christian would make an appearance. Why WWE de-pushes the guy I have no idea. He was clearly on a lot of people's minds tonight.

Lastly, Hogan/Michaels killed the crowd until about the last 8 minutes or so, then it hit a fever pitch so high the walls were shaking.


Anyway, great card and easily the best PPV since ECW ONS.

Biggest Pops:
Hogan (by far)
Finish for Rey/Eddie match

Biggest Heat:
Finish to the Matt Hardy match
Eugene (especially when he started doing Rock's moves)