More Live RAW Notes; Heat Tapings; & More

Thanks to Jason Seay for sending this in:

Just got back from RAW at the Hampton Coliseum. I thought it was a really good show. The arena was just about sold out, with just a few seats here and there empty. The crowd was great all night and was into everything.


Dark Match:
The Damaja beat someone announced as from Hampton

Tyson Tomko beat someone announced as from Hampton. Rene Dupree did color commentary for this match.

Val Venis beat Antonio. The Heart Throbs double teamed Val, tying him up in the ropes after the match. Viscera came out to make the save for Val.

Matt Striker beat (I think) someone announced as from Hampton

The Hurricane beat somebody. I don't know who, we were buying stuff before the match and didn't get back to the seats until it was over.

Kerwin White beat Tajiri


Shawn Michaels got over well with the crowd. He had a good segment with Chris Masters.

Kurt Angle vs. Shelton Benjamin was good. Crowd enjoyed it. A lot of Angle fans.


Matt Hardy got a big pop. With him losing to Rob Conway, I guess they're really trying to screw with him. Edge even got cheered when he came out.

The crowd loved Ric Flair. Lots of "Woos" during Carlitos' Cabana.

Crowd was really hot for the John Cena – Chris Jericho main event. Dueling chants of "Let's go Cena" "Let's go Jericho" like last night. It was a good match. Pretty much the whole time people were standing on the steps and trying to get down to ringside.

After the show went off the air, Kurt Angle continued attacking John Cena. Cena started a comeback. Chris Masters came out and him and Angle double teamed Cena. Chants of "HBK" started. Shawn came out and we had a dark match of Shawn Michaels & John Cena vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Masters. It was alright. Didn't go too long. Finish was Shawn hitting Sweet Chin Music on Kurt then hitting it on Masters for the win. Shawn and Cena stayed in the ring for a few minutes, then Cena left and let Shawn have the ring. Shawn went around one side of the ring to see some of the fans. Then he waved to the crowd and left.

Had a good time. I thought it was really good.

Biggest Pops:
John Cena
Shawn Michaels
Ric Flair
Matt Hardy
Kurt Angle

Most Heat:
Chris Jericho
Kurt Angle (attack on Cena)
Chris Masters