More On Ashley's Phone Number, Angle Update, RAW; More has posted an article with Kurt Angle about his reception last week on RAW. He said Vince was right, Angle recalled during a Thursday interview with WWE fans are smart. They weren t going to accept me just because I won a gold medal. I was a jock and I was invading their world. I had to prove myself. It think it s hard in my hometown for the fans to really dislike me, Angle said. It was kind of a welcome home. It s been a while for me. The last few times we were there I was out with injuries and many fans weren t sure if I would even make it back. I almost wish I could have done more for them, but I was a small part of the show, Angle added. That may have been a smart idea, because given the chance, I would have taken over the whole show. To read the rest, visit

Ashley has updated her cell pone voice message indicating that she is headed to Montreal for RAW and that her cell phone will be off while she's out of the country. She says her phone will be turned back on Tuesday afternoon. Several fans have told us they were able to talk to her so she is apparently answering her phone.