More On WWE Star Quitting The Company

When Frankie Kazarian first came to WWE, the creative team told him that he would be brought up to main WWE programming as soon as creative came up with something for him. Frankie had been arriving at WWE events and was never used. When he asked management why he wasn't being used and was just showing up at TV tapings, he once again got the excuse that creative didn't have anything for him and that he would likely be sent to OVW first and then be called to the main roster.


Upon hearing this news, Frankie apparently requested his release from the company claiming that he didn't feel he was a 'rookie' and also felt WWE broke their promise of telling him he would be ready to debut on the main show.

Interestingly enough, Frankie debuted on Velocity the next week and has been there ever since. We've now been told that Frankie and WWE have or will be parting ways as noted earlier. We'll keep you posted.