Opie & Anthony Grill Matt Hardy Over Lita Angle

Credit: Andrew Hickley Of PWInsider.com

Matt Hardy called into Opie and Anthony today around 10:30 a.m. ET.

He thanked Opie and Anthony for his support when he was out and fired from WWE.

Opie calls out Matt and thinks the whole thing was a work and he never was fired.

Matt denies it and says, "It's as real as a wrestling angle can get".

Opie says that if it is real, will you just fight Edge on Sunday or actually use wrestling moves?

Matt says he will just beat the crap out of him and their will be NO wrestling moves!

(Note: Work or shoot, Matt comes off sounding very "storyline-like").

Caller calls in and says, "Whip Edge's Ass Sunday", to which Matt says thanks for the support.

Matt says, "It s a WWE environment, but he doesn t care if he wins, loses or draws on Sunday! He just wants to kick Edge's ass.

A caller calls in and questions if WWE ever fired Matt Hardy because of the wedding angle where they teased Matt Hardy's music on Raw. Matt says he wasn t under contract with WWE and the reason they played the music was to see what kind of reaction it would get from the WWE audience.

The caller says that his character was ruined when he came out of the limo with Vince McMahon and now he is at the bottom of the card at SummerSlam...to which Matt says he isn t at the bottom of the card when Hogan-Michaels is main-eventing.

Matt Hardy said he doesn t trust anybody, especially Vince McMahon, Edge and Lita and says Sunday he will truly beat Edge's ass, to which Opie and Anthony say this will make them now want to see SummerSlam. Opie keeps saying he doesn t want to see any of those "fake cops" dragging you away because your so "ooooh, out of control". Opie doesn t want to see Edge and Lita get away as someone holds you back and also doesn t want "big boobed EMTs" or "big muscular EMTs" carrying you away on a gurney.

Jim Norton chimes in and asked if Hulk Hogan's strategy was to have Shawn Michaels watch his reality show and when he dozes off, attack him and pin him. Matt says he hasn't seen the reality show.

Matt says he hopes he can walk after his match Sunday and hopes Edge can as well because of the battle they will have Sunday.

Opie and Anthony end the interview by telling Matt Hardy to say hi to Tazz (a long time friend of the show).

Replays of Matt Hardy's interview can be heard on XM-202 today at the following times 2:20pm, 6:20pm, 10:20pm (EST).