Post RAW Happenings; JBL/Batista, & More Live Notes

Thanks to Michael for these:

In a dark match after the Raw taping, WWE World champion Batista defeated JBL for the World title with the demon bomb. Very sloppy match. Jim Ross was seen taking notes. Fans were into Batista the most by far, even more then Cena whom got some sporadic boos.


People enjoyed the Diva segment live. Fans were laughing during the HBK skit, and were very into the Big Show match.

Biggest Cheers: 1 Batista

On Camera:
1 John Cena
2 Vince McMahon
2a Matt Hardy

Biggest Boos:
1 Chris Jericho
2 Eric Bischoff
3 The Conway-Val match got the this match sucks chant as you could literally hear pin drops before then.