Recap Of Ashley & Stacy Keibler On Best Damn Sport Show

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Recap of Ashley & Stacy Keibler on last night's FSN Best Damn Sport Show

Ashley said winning the Diva Search has been insane and she s so incredibly overwhelmed.


Stacy said she won a dance contest six years ago and Ashley has a lot to look forward to.

Ashley hasn t exactly thought about what she wants to do with the money and she joked about setting up a poll and finding out what other people think she should do with it.

Stacy reveals she hasn t really had a chance to talk to Ashley during the contest as the contestants were kept away from the WWE superstars.

Stacy tells everyone that 17 or 18 WWE guys and girls went out to dinner and Ashley paid for everything and encouraged them to take shots at the bar. Everyone was impressed and happy that she won.

Stacy comments on how Ashley should have some fun but should save her money.

Ashley is asked about the sort of contests she had to take part in as apart of the competition. She runs down a few of them and we see clips from Bikini Boot Camp and the talent contest where she gave a monkey flip to Christy Hemme.


They joke about how Ashley and Stacy might have to wrestle one another eventually and how it won t be fun as Stacy only won $10,000. They then ask Ashley what she thinks might happen when she has to wrestle. She smiles and states she doesn t know and to stay tuned. Stacy hopes it will happen and that it will be a pretty good fight.

Stacy feels Ashley won t be wrestling right away but when she does, she ll be kicking some major butt.

MTV's Punk d is mentioned and they bring up the joke Stacy helped play on Triple H. Clips from the episode are aired and Stacy reveals it was so much fun to do and Triple H is such a prankster backstage. She talks about how she took advantage by talking to some friends that work for the show and got Triple H. Stacy reveals Triple H took a sensitive side to the bride getting her nosed busted on her wedding day because he s married and was with his wife at the time.