**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

Thanks to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com for these:

Dark Match:

- CM Punk & Bobby Lashley defeated TNT when Lashley pinned Garrison Cade.


- Nunzio defeated Paul London to win the WWE Cruiserweight Title when Nunzio hit London from behind with a foreign object while Big Vito distracted London and the referee.


- Frankie Kazarian defeated Danny Doring after an STO. The crowd chanted "boring" early, but got into the match as it went on.

- Simon Dean won a quick squash over ...?

- Paul London cut a promo in the ring, saying he wanted everyone to march in protest to WWE Headquarters because he lost the Cruiserweight Title to "Two criminals".

- Hardcore Holly defeated U.S. Champion Orlando Jordan via disqualification when Jordan pulled the referee in front of him as Holly was charging him in a corner.


- A video recap of Eddie telling Rey's "secret" started the show.

- Smackdown opened with a Christian talk-show segment (ala Piper's Pit, Highlight Reel, Carlito's Cabana, etc.) called the "Peep Show" with Rey Mysterio as the guest. Christian started to question Rey, but Mysterio cut him off and said that Christian had promised him that Eddie Guerrero would be there. Christian then introduced Guerrero, who appeared on the screen wearing a T-Shirt that said "I'm your Papi". Guerrero started to read "Chapter 2" of his bedtime story for Dominic, but Rey kept yelling to stop him. Guerrero said he was going to read Chapter 2 by the end of the show, one way or another. Guerrero also said he had something Rey would really like, and Christian hit Rey from behind with the mic and laid him out.


- Jillian Hall cut a promo saying her mole has put a "blemish on her soul", trying to put heat on it. She walked past Booker T and Sharmell, with Booker looking at her and remarking "Tell me I didn't just see that".

- MNM defeated Chris Benoit and Booker T in a real good match. The finish saw Benoit lock the Crippler Crossface on Johnny Nitro on the floor while Booker fought Joey Mercury in the ring. Booker went for the ax kick on Mercury, but Melina grabbed his leg as he came off the ropes. Sharmell chased Melina into the ring, but Jillian Hall tackled Sharmell and they started a catfight. Booker threw Hall off of Sharmell, but it allowed Mercury to roll up Booker from behind and hook the trunks for the pin. There was a huge chant for Benoit after the match.

- Theodore R. Long informed Christian that he would face Rey Mysterio tonight.

- A video package was shown on how JBL became the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Title.

- Josh Mathews tried to interview Randy Orton, but Orton blew him off and said he would explain his actions to the Undertaker himself tonight.

- They had the Batista-JBL contract signing for Summerslam. They went back and forth on the mic, and Batista finally signed first. However, Batista left the stipulations blank, saying he would beat JBL in any type of match. JBL said Batista had a "Million dollar body and a nickel brain". JBL said he would beat Batista at Summerslam, and it would be in a No Holds Barred match.


- Psicosis & Super Crazy defeated William Regal & Scotty 2 Hotty. Scotty was beat down, and when he went to tag Regal, Regal jumped off the apron and walked off. After getting a ton of heat on Scotty, Psicosis pinned him with a top rope legdrop while Regal watched from the aisle.

- Backstage, Road Warrior Animal was painting his face while Heidenreich was saying he loved his new haircut. They teased that he would have his face painted next.

- Randy Orton came to the ring for a promo. He said that fate caused him to lose his chance at immortality, but now it has put him on Smackdown. He said that Undertaker took away what he wanted, so he's going to take everything that he can from the Undertaker. Orton issued a challenge for Undertaker to face him at Summerslam. Undertaker's music played, and a purple light enveloped the ring. The letters "RKO" appeared on the Titantron. The Undertaker's voice rang out, saying "You want a legacy, you will get your wish. At Summerslam, you will rest in peace". The RKO on the screen turned into "RIP". The crowd booed at the end of the segment when Undertaker didn't appear before the crowd.

- WWE Tag Team Champions Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich defeated Josh Daniels & Damian Adams. Heidenreich had Road Warrior-style makeup on.


- A Boogeyman promo was shown.

- Eddie Guerrero was outside when a woman showed up. Guerrero said he was thrilled to see her because without her, there is no Chapter 2.

- Rey Mysterio defeated Christian with the 619 in a good match. Eddie Guerrero and the woman sat in chairs in the aisle. Rey challenged Eddie to get in the ring. Eddie said he would love to, but he has "manners" because an old friend, Anna, is with him. Rey looked shocked at the mention of her name. Anna took Eddie's story book and gave it to Rey, and Eddie said that he can read it, or Eddie will. Rey looked at the book, but didn't read anything over the mic. Eddie said that Rey was holding official custody papers and Rey will have to bring Dominic next week, because the courts have determined that Eddie is the true father, biologically and legally. He said that next week, Rey will have to hand Dominic over to Eddie. Eddie said that if Rey proves he truly loves Dominic, maybe Eddie will let Rey keep him.

- Rey cut a long, good promo about how much he loves Dominic. He said that they all promised to wait until Dominic was old enough to understand, but Eddie had to open his mouth. Rey said Dominic is depressed and begged Eddie not to hurt him anymore. Eddie said that Rey was good, and "almost had him". Anna said something to Eddie, and Guerrero said that Anna is his attorney and reminded Eddie not to fall for it. Guerrero said that after Rey lied all this time to Dominic, the courts will never trust him to care for Eddie's son. He said that he has three daughters he loves, and next week he will have Dominic to carry on the Guerrero legacy. Guerrero said that next week we would hear Chapter 3 of his story, "Dominic comes home to Papi", to end Smackdown.