**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

Just got back from SD and overall a pretty good show. Heres the results. I cant remember the exact order of the matches but everything written blow did happen at some point in the night.

Dark Match.

Deuce Shade d. Paul Burchill. Deuce came out throwing playing cards in the crowd. His gimmick is he is from Las Vegas and was pretty over with the crowd. He won with a sunset flip.



Frankie Kazarian d. Paul London with a roll up. London was pretty over but afterwards he complained about being screwed even though Kazarian won clean. The crowd didn't seem to like London's complaining. Candice was the ring announcer for this one.

Ken "Mister" Anderson d. Funaki with an amazing top rope while Funaki was on his shoulders. Before the match Anderson reintroduced himself and afterwards he got on the mic and declaired himself the winner.

Nunzio d. Jimmy Jacobs. Nunzio won with some help from Big Vito who stood on the outside and watched but would attack Jacobs when the ref wasn't looking.

Hardcore Holly d. Steven Richards (in bWo attire) with an Alabama slam. Torrie was the special ring announcer.



Booker T d. Joey Mercury. Early on Nitro and Jillian were ejected. Milena tried to get involved but Sharmell stopped her. Booker won with the ax kick.

Peep Show with Batista. Christian asked Batista why the top draft pick doesn't have a match for SummerSlam. Then challenged Batista to a match to prove he deserved to be at the PPV. Batista just told him he would kick his ass.

Animal and Heidenreich d. 2 guys with the doomsday device.

Randy Orton asked Teddy Long who his opponent would be for his big return to the ring. Teddy said since he likes to sneak up behind people his opponent will be a surpise. But it will be a legend who has also fought the Undertaker.

Randy Orton vs. Kamala and Kim Chee. People didn't seem to remember Kamala at first but some people were marking out. Orton gave Kim Chee the RKO when he tried to run in. Orton then hit the RKO on Kamala but before he could pin him the Undertaker RKO/RIP video played. Orton got a little scared when the video played but walked out looking over his shoulder. When the cameras cut off Kamala got a pretty good ovation.

Eddie Guerrero was in the back talking with a children service women. He told her his son was living a lie and he wants him back. He then tells her to come to the ring and observe what happens.


In the ring Eddie calls out Rey and his son. Rey his wife and son came out. Eddie and Rey exchanged words. Rey then said if Eddie takes Dominic he will never fight him again and Eddie will have never beaten Rey. Rey called Eddie a chicken s–t and said no matter who Dominic lives with he will always know that Rey is twice the man Eddie is. Rey then challenged Eddie to one final match at Summerslam and the winner gets custody of Dominic. The children service women told Rey and Eddie the problem wasn't with Dominic it was between them and after they put their personal problems aside Dominic will be put in a foster home.

Benoit d. Simon Dean with a crossface.

Super Crazy and Psichosis d. Scotty 2 Hotty and William Regal. Scotty took a beating through most of the match and before he could tag Regal, Regal left laughing at Scotty. Psichosis then hit Scotty with a top rope leg drop for the win.

Batista and Christian ended in a no contest. Before Batista hit the powerbomb JBL ran in and attacked Batista and hit him with a chair several times. JBL cut a promo on Batista as SD ended.

After the show JBL told the ref he wanted a title match right now. JBL and Batista fought for about 5 minutes in a no DQ match. JBL took a chair shot to the head then a Batista bomb. After Batista won he posed for a little bit then did his pose at the entry way again with pyro. Overall a good show and alot better then recent editions of Smackdown.