SummerSlam News, RVD Update, Victoria; & More News

Rob sent in the following: I was at Gillette Stadium (on Thursday) and I saw something that I haven't seen before, a SummerSlam ad flying around the stadium from 5 to maybe 8 or later. The ad was roped to the back of an airplane and flew around the arena all evening.


Nicholas Parker sent in the following: I just saw a story on the local news on UPN airing right after Smackdown about Rob Van Dam in Indianapolis at the GenCon gaming convention. He is signing autographs and you can buy his merchandise at the Convention Center. The report goes on to state he will be there until Saturday. The local reporter asked him about the popularity of wrestling today. He replied by comparing the action of popular comic books and movies to how popular wrestling is.

Jana Knutson sent in the following: Just wanted to send word that myself and few friends (all who have Charter Cable) got voice messages from John Cena on our phones listed with the Cable Company (on Thursday) promoting SummerSlam.


Rob Van Dam and Victoria were on the 'Today' show here in Australia. They helped out with the Australian League Fottballl betting tips.