The Latest Backstage Update On Chris Jericho & TNA

Many people within the wrestling business, both in WWE and TNA, are wondering what Chris Jericho is up to after placing an image of himself on his official website standing beneath a TNA logo doing his usual wrestling pose. What makes the situation interesting is that this comes only days after an angle was shot on RAW this past Monday night where Jericho was "fired" by Eric Bischoff following a WWE Championship rematch against John Cena.


Jericho's bio was quickly removed from after this angle hit TV and rightfully so to match up the storyline. As we all know however, this situation is a bit different then a typical WWE release. Jericho's short-term contract extension he signed last month with the company expired following SummerSlam, meaning he is free agent at this time and could legally go to TNA if he desired. If Jericho was to make this move, it would be no secret that he would be burning a bridge with WWE in doing so.

From what is at least known about the situation, Jericho assured WWE management that he was leaving the company to simply take a break from the business and gave no impression that he had any interest in heading to TNA. Although some "informal" conversations have taken place between both Jericho and TNA lately, it is very possible that Jericho simply placed the TNA logo on his website to further the WWE "firing" storyline.


What does make things even more interesting is that press release written by Jericho himself that was issued briefly on his website where he sore his allegiances to WWE was quickly removed. According to reports, the press release was never meant to be seen as the link to it was quickly pulled after many wrestling websites picked up on it. Whether that confirms where he might be headed remains to be seen. Either way, we do know (and have known for quite some time) that Jericho's intention was to take some time off following SummerSlam and he is doing just that. His main focus was to take a break from the business and stay involved with outside activies such as music, radio and acting. What he may end up doing following that break is what remains to be seen.

Update: Minutes after this post was added, the image of Jericho standing beneath a TNA logo was removed from the main page of his website. The logo has also been removed from the website's server as well.