TNA Sacrifice Results (8/14/05): Match Of The Year?; Loads More!

Event: TNA Sacrifice Pay Per View Results
Date: Sunday, August 14th, 2005
Location: Universal Studios Soundstage 21 in Orlando, FL
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- The TNA promo hits. Following this, a video package airs that highlights Raven & Jeff Jarrett, Abyss & Lance Hoyt, the feud between the 3 Live Kru & Kip James/Monty Brown and the arrival of Samoa Joe.


- A graphic hits the screen welcoming us to TNA Sacrifice. We go live to Orlando, FL at the Impact Zone. A series of pyro goes off above the ring and in the lone entrance way.

- Simon Diamond, David Young & "Primetime" Elix Skipper make their way down to the ring to start up the first match. Diamond gets on the mic and says Elix Skipper has been lost in TNA since he broke off from Christopher Daniels when they were in Triple X. He said he would make Skipper a star in the Diamonds of the Rough.

Simon Diamond, David Young & Elix Skipper vs. Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt & Shark Boy
The match starts with David Young and Shark Boy. Both roll around a bit and Shark Boy takes down Young quickly. Young responds with a take down of his own. Both flip up, stare down each other and the crowd claps. Shark Boy then gets in a few hard rights, both lock up and Young backs Shark Boy into the corner. Shark Boy gets in a few chops on Young and Young responds with an elbow. Shark Boy comes back with a reverse neckbreaker for a two count. Shark Boy nails Young off the corner, gets up, gets in 3 punches, but Young pushes him off and then hits a clothesline on Shark Boy. Young misses a leg drop off the ropes when Shark Boy moves. Shark Boy then bites Young on the ass. Diamond slaps Young and tells him to get back in it. Young then takes out Shark Boy with a hard right and some stiff kicks. Shark Boy gets Young in a headlock when Skipper flips over the top and hits a clothesline. Young tags in Simon Diamond. Diamond comes in and gives Shark Boy a few suplexes. Skipper gets the tag and he nails Shark Boy with a big forearm. Skipper gives Shark Boy a knee to the gut and then chokes him on the mat until the referee breaks it up. Shark Boy comes back with a knee to the face on Skipper. Sonjay Dutt gets the tag and takes out Skipper with two big sidekicks. Dutt this a springboard cross-body on Skipper for a two count. Skipper counters a huricanranna from Dutt into a big backbreaker.


Skipper then gets in some stiff kicks to Dutt's back. Skipper knocks Chris Sabin off the ring apron and then tags in Young. Young gets in a few kicks to Dutt, but Dutt fights back with some hard rights. Young hits a big swinging facebuster on Dutt, but misses a charge in the corner. Dutt then flips in from the ring apron and hits a quick huricanranna. Sabin gets the tag and he takes out Diamond with a huricanranna when he gets the tag. Sabin hits a kick to the gut, gets launched to the ring apron by Diamond and then springboards off the top rope hitting a big dropkick on Diamond. Sabin covers, but Young and Skipper break up the pinfall. Dutt attempts a cross-body on Young and Skipper, but they catch him. Shark Boy then hits a big missile dropkick on both to break it up. Dutt gets the tag and Diamond puts him on the top rope. Skipper walks the ropes and takes out Dutt with a huricanranna. Young gets the tag and he gives Shark Boy a big spinebuster. Shark Boy fights back with a cross-body to the arena floor. Sabin hits the ring along with Skipper. Sabin attempts the Cradle Shock, but Skipper counters into a chest pinfall for a two count. Sabin and Skipper exchange pin attempts when Sabin flips over Skipper and gets the pinfall!


Winners: Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt & Shark Boy

After the match, Simon Diamond argues with Elix Skipper. Diamond slaps Skipper on the chest and Skipper gets in his face. We cut away to the ringside area with Mike Tenay & Don West. They discuss what took place in the 30 Minute Pre-Show earlier tonight when Tenay announced TNA coming to Spike TV starting on October 1st. They air the footage of Jeff Jarrett coming out along with Rhino and arguing with Tenay and Larry Zbyszko.

- Backstage, Shane Douglas is with the NWA World Tag Team Champions The Naturals and Jimmy Hart. Hart said they have a great plan to take out Team Canada. Both Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens agree that although they don't get along with AMW, they will team up to take out the "terror" in TNA known as Team Canada. Jeff Jarrett comes up to Jimmy Hart and warns them about a "Black Wednesday" coming to TNA. Hart said Jarrett is just paranoid.

Alex Shelley vs. Shocker
The bell rings and here we go. Both circle the ring, lock up and Shocker takes down Shelley right away. Both lock up again and Shelley takes down Shocker and works on his left leg. Shelley gets Shocker into a leg submission when he flips over. Shocker breaks out of the submission, both stand up, cirlce the ring again and Shocker then takes down Shelley applying a single leg boston crab. Shocker takes down Shelley with a quick arm drag and Shelley puts his forearm against Shocker's face to break it up. Shocker jumps up, gives Shelley an arm drag and again works on Shelley's right arm. Shelley fights back with some stiff kicks to Shocker's back. Shocker counters out of a Sharpshooter attempt by Shelley, but Shelley comes back working on the leg of Shocker. Shelley gets in a few hard rights and wraps Shocker's right leg around the ropes. Shelley kicks Shocker hard in the knee cap. Shelley backs up, charges, but Shocker moves and Shelley dumps to the outside. Shocker flips over the top rope, Shelley moves, Shocker lands on his feet, but Shelley hits a quick kick to the back of the head. Shocker fights back by throwing Shelley face first off the ring apron followed by a backbreaker.


Shocker hits a few chest claps to Shelley. Shocker puts Shelley in the ring, Shelley attempts to take out Shocker, but Shocker pulls down the ropes and Shelley falls to the outside. Shocker springboards off the top rope on Shelley to take him out. Both get back in the ring and Shocker nails Shelley with a right hand to the head. Shocker gets in a few more chest chops to Shelley. Shocker hits a clothesline and bulldog combination on Shelley. Shocker applies a modified twisting figure four on Shelley! Shelley screams out in pain reaching for the bottom rope. Shelley tries to counter out of it, but can't. Shelley somehow gets the bottom rope and Shocker breaks it up. Shelley hits a knee to the chest on Shocker in the corner and follows that up with a tornado DDT. Shelley covers, but only gets a two count. Shelley gets in a few forearms to Shocker, but Shocker fights back with a roll-up that goes into a leg lock over Shelley's head. Shocker applies another modified figure four on Shelley. Shelley gets to the ropes quicker this time to break it up. Shocker hits a release german suplex on Shelley. Shocker attempts another, but Shelley breaks it up.

Shocker hits a scoop slam on Shelley in the corner and then hits a springboard leg drop from the ring apron. Shocker covers, but only gets a two count. Shocker hits a sunset flip, but Shelley rolls out and hits a dropkick to the face. Both exchange pinfall attempts near the ropes until Shelley holds on to a pinfall to get the win near the corner.


Winner: Alex Shelley

- Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Abyss and James Mitchell. Mitchell discusses how there has been many "big men" in pro wrestling, but none compare to the 6'8 monster Abyss. He added that Lance Hoyt was another bump in the road in Abyss' career. Mitchell calls Hoyt's fans white trash that cheer him on in Orlando. He said those cheers have brought him this far, but those cheers will bring Hoyt to his doom tonight against the monster Abyss.

- A video package airs highlighting how the feud started between Abyss and Lance Hoyt. That match is up next.

Abyss w/ James Mitchell vs. Lance Hoyt
The match starts with Hoyt hitting the ring right away taking out Abyss with some stiff right hands. Abyss takes out Hoyt with a shoulder block. Hoyt fights back clotheslining Abyss over the top rope. Hoyt springboards over the top rope and takes out Abyss on the outside. Hoyt nails Abyss off the steel steps and then against the steel guard railing. Hoyt then gets in James Mitchell's face, but Hoyt turns around and gets in a few more right hands. Abyss fights back by launching Hoyt into the guard railing. Abyss nails Hoyt off the steel steps and then throws him back in the ring. Abyss takes out Hoyt with a big charge in the corner followed by some hard rights. Abyss hits some chest slaps on Hoyt. Hoyt fights back by getting in some chops of his own. Abyss misses a charge in the corner and Hoyt misses a big boot attempt as well. Abyss attempts a chokeslam, but Hoyt fights out of it. Hoyt goes off the ropes, but Abyss takes him out with a clothesline. Abyss gets up on the top turnbuckle, jumps and hits a big splash on Hoyt. Abyss covers, but only gets a two count. Abyss then launches Hoyt to the corner once, picks him up again and does it a second time.


Hoyt fights back with a flying clothesline off the top rope. Hoyt takes out Abyss with a flying shoulder block off the ropes as well. Abyss gets in a kick to the gut, jumps up to the top, leaps off, but Hoyt catches him and hits a big chokeslam! Hoyt then goes up to the top, jumps and connects with the moonsault! Hoyt covers...1...2...kick out! When Abyss gets up, Hoyt charges at him and Abyss connects with the Black Hole Slam! Abyss covers...1...2...kick out! Abyss can't believe it. Mitchell tosses Abyss a steel chair, the referee tries to take it away, Abyss pushes him away and Hoyt hits a big boot using the steel chair to Abyss' face. Hoyt covers again, but only gets a two count. Abyss is down in the corner and Hoyt puts a steel chair on his face. Hoyt then gets on the ring apron, leaps up to the top rope and hits a Van Terminator all the way across the ring! Hoyt covers Abyss...1...2...kick out! The fans are going nuts after that spot in Orlando. Hoyt attempted a back body drop on Abyss, but Abyss sends him into the ropes and then connects with the Black Hole Slam! Abyss covers...1...2...3.

Winner: Abyss

- Backstage, Shane Douglas is with BG James. Douglas asks him what he is feeling going into this match involving his friends in the 3 Live Kru and his "brother" Kip James & Monty Brown. BG said he has a job tonight and that is being a referee. Ron Killings walks up and said he trusts BG, but that they still have to convince Konnan. Konnan walks up and said he still doesn't trust BG after what has happened in the past few months.


- A video package airs highlighting the feud between Kip James & Monty Brown against Konnan & Ron Killings with BG James in the middle. That match is up next!

Special Guest Referee: BG James
Kip James & Monty Brown vs. Konnan & Ron "The Truth" Killings

The match starts right away with Kip James & Monty Brown cutting off Konnan and Ron Killings right away at the ramp. Kip and Brown throw Konnan and Ron Killings into the ring as special referee BG James looks on. Kip launches Brown into Konnan in the corner. They attempt to do the same to Killings with Kip, but Konnan breaks it up and clotheslines Kip over the top rope. Killings takes out Brown with a big spinkick and then takes out Kip as he hits the ring. Konnan follows that up with a dropkick to the head. Konnan spreads Kip's legs and Killings hits a leg drop to the groin off the top rope. Both Kip and Brown head up the ramp when Konnan and Killings cut them off. Konnan throws a chair and it nails Kip over the head, almost hitting some people in the crowd. Killings and Brown brawl near the announcers table. All four make it back in the ring. BG sends Konnan to the corner as Kip and Brown double-team Killings in the middle of the ring. BG then turns around and sends Kip to the corner. In the ring is Monty Brown and Ron Killings. Brown hits a quick scoop slam on Killings, goes off the ropes, taunts BG and then kicks Killings in the chest. Brown and Kip take out Killings in the corner as BG speaks with Konnan. Kip gets the tag, kicks Killings against the back, covers, but only gets a two count.


Killings mounts a comeback against Kip, but Kip stops anything more with a big boot to the face. Kip nails Killings off the corner and tags in Brown. Brown hits a quick suplex on Killings, covers, BG makes a slow count and Killings kicks out at two. Brown nails Killings against the face with some stiff forearms. Brown takes out Killings with a big knee to the gut causing Killings to flip over. Brown covers Killings, but only gets a two count. Both go off the ropes and have a mid-ring collision taking both Brown and Killings down. Both Kip and Konnan get the tag. Konnan hits the rolling thunder clothesline on Kip. Brown comes in and Konnan gives him a big facebuster. Konnan then takes off his shoe and nails Kip with it. He attempts to do the same to Brown, but Konnan hits BG by accident. Konnan counters a Fameasser attempt into a facebuster on Kip. Konnan goes for a chair, but BG prevents it. Kip tries to use the chair, but he takes it away from him as well. BG then hits some hard rights on Kip and allows Konnan to hit Kip with the steel chair. Konnan covers, BG counts...1...2...3.

Winners: Konnan & Ron "The Truth" Killings

After the match, BG James celebrates with Konnan and Ron "The Truth" Killings. The crowd in Orlando celebrates as Mike Tenay proclaims that the 3 Live Kru are now back.


- A promo for Bound for Glory on October 23 airs.

- Christopher Daniels is out next to the ring. He said it is now time to listen to the gospel according to The Fallen Angel. Daniels said Jeff Jarrett has gone around TNA talking about a "Black Wednesday" and that replacements were coming in. He said it is quite obvious that no one can replace The Fallen Angel. Daniels then talks about Austin Aries and how he was voted in to face him tonight in a Non-Title Match. He said Aries might have been big in Ring of Honor, but this is T-N-A.

Non-Title Match
Christopher Daniels vs. Austin Aries

The match starts with both Daniels and Aries going back and forth rolling around on the mat. The fans in Orlando do a back-and-forth change between Daniels and Aries. Aries takes out Daniels with a big springboard elbow to the chest, covers Daniels, but only gets a two count. Aries has Daniels down on the mat until Daniels counters that into a headlock of his own. Aries flips out of the headlock and takes out Daniels through the second rope to the outside. Aries gets in a few chops on Daniels, throws him back in the ring and then hits a corkscrew splash over the top rope. Aries covers Daniels, but only gets a two count. Aries attempts to counter Daniels by jumping in the air, but Daniels catches him and hits a backbreaker. Daniels gives Aries two big scoop slams and taunts at the crowd. Daniels covers Aries, but only gets a two count. Daniels props Aries in the corner, hits a few forearms and then launches Aries to the opposite corner with force. Aries bounches off and hits the mat after this takes place. Daniels stands on top of Aries in the corner until the referee breaks it up. Daniels then applies a front face choke hold with his knees up against Aries' back. Aries fights back with some big elbows to the chest, gets a roll-up, but Daniels kicks out.


Daniels then gets in a quick backbreaker on Aries, covers, but once again gets a two count. Daniels gives Aries a scoop slam, springboards off the top rope and connects with the moonsault. Daniels covers, but gets another two count. Daniels slaps Aries in the corner as he gets on his feet. Aries comes back with a suplex counter followed by a big left hand slap to Daniels. Aries trips up Daniels near the corner and both exchange some lefts and rights. Aries takes out Daniels with a big clothesline and two back elbows. Aries hits a swinging elbow on Daniels for a two count. Aries leaps over to the ring apron, leaps back in and hits an elbow to Daniels' face and follows that up with a big dropkick. Aries covers, but only gets a two count. Aries hits a quick back suplex into a pin for a close two count. Daniels fights back with a facebuster in the middle of the ring to slow things up a bit. Daniels goes for the BME, but Aries moves out of the way. Aries then goes up to the top, jumps and connects with the 450 Splash! Aries hooks the leg...1...2...kick out. Aries tries to pull Daniels, but Daniels holds onto the bottom rope. Daniels takes down Aries with an STO, covers, Daniels uses the bottom rope for leverage, but the referee doesn't count. Daniels argues with the referee and Aries rolls him up for a close two count. Aries gets in another quick roll-up for a two count. Both exchange some power attempts until Daniels connects with Angel's Wings. Daniels covers...1...2...3.


Winner: Christopher Daniels

- Backstage, Shane Douglas is with America's Most Wanted. Chris Harris said not a day goes by where AMW doesn't think about The Naturals, but tonight they team up to focus on Team Canada. James Storm said he is pissed off when Jeff Jarrett comes up. He tells AMW that some major changes will be taking place in TNA before they debut on Spike TV. Jarrett said AMW could be on the fired list very soon. He said they are all gonna be released in favor of new talent come October.

- A video package runs highlighting the events between Jerry Lynn and Sean Waltman the past two months. That match is up next.

Sean Waltman vs. Jerry Lynn
The bell rings and both Waltman and Lynn stare each other down, shake hands and back off. Both circle the ring, lock up, roll against the ropes until Lynn gets Waltman in the corner. Waltman comes behind Lynn, takes him down, skims across him, Lynn trips up Waltman and then backs off as they stare each other down. Lynn then works on the left arm of Waltman, flipping him to the mat and Waltman fights back flipping Lynn to the mat and working on his left arm. Lynn gets in a quick arm drag to Waltman and backs off as the fans chant "JERRY" loudly. Lynn taunts at Waltman when they attempt a hand-lock. Lynn comes back, they do the hand-lock and Waltman trips up Lynn. They circle the ring, lock up, Lynn hits a kick to the gut and hits an arm drag take-over springboarding off the ropes. Waltman backs up Lynn to the corner and gets in a few chops. Waltman charges at Lynn in the corner, Lynn jumps up, hooks his leg around Waltman's neck and then launches him through the ropes to the outside. Lynn jumps up on the top rope and takes out Waltman on the outside. Lynn slaps Waltman on the chest a few times, charges, but Waltman catches Lynn and sends him shoulder first into the ring post. Waltman gets in the ring and bows to the crowd as they boo. Lynn rolls back in and Waltman chokes him on the bottom rope. Lynn fights back with some chops to Waltman. Waltman comes back with some chops of his own as well. Waltman gets in a quick roll-up on Lynn for a two count.


Shark Boy then appears at the top of the ramp looking on at the match. Waltman has an arm submission applied when Lynn fights back with some elbows to the chest and big right hand. Waltman ends a Lynn comeback with a shoulderbreaker across his knee for a two count. Chris Sabin then appears cheering on the match at the top as well. Waltman hits a back kick on Lynn in the corner when Sonjay Dutt appears. Waltman attempts the Bronco Buster in the corner on Lynn, but Lynn moves out of the way. Lynn gets in some hard rights on Waltman and then comes back with a running huricanranna. Lynn charges at Waltman when he gets up, but Waltman sends him to the outside. Waltman then leaps over the top rope and takes out Lynn on the outside. Both are down as Sabin, Dutt and Shark Boy cheer on from the top of the ramp. Waltman brings Lynn up to the ring apron. Waltman attempts a suplex into the ring, but Lynn counters and suplexes Waltman to the outside with huge impact! Lynn is up first, throws Waltman in the ring, climbs up the turnbuckle, jumps and hits a big missile dropkick right in the chest! Lynn takes out Waltman again with a high back body drop followed by a quick clothesline. Lynn then hits a lou thesz press on Waltman in the middle of the ring off the ropes. Waltman fights back with some forearms and then Lynn follows that up with a quick sitdown powerbomb for a two count.


Lynn attempts the Cradle Piledriver, but Waltman low blows Lynn and hits the X-Factor. Waltman covers...1...2...Lynn get his foot on the bottom rope. The fans in Orlando start to get into the match. Waltman hits a cross-body on Lynn off the top, but Lynn rolls it into a pinfall of his own for a two count. Lynn fights back with a big tornado DDT, covers Waltman, but only gets a two count. Lynn then gets Waltman ready for a Tombstone Piledriver, but Waltman counters that into a huge Tombstone of his own! Waltman covers...1...2...kick out. A frustrated Waltman picks up LYnn, Lynn jumps up onto his shoulders, comes down and gets the pinfall for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Jerry Lynn

After the match, Waltman crawls over and bows to Lynn. Both shake hands in the ring and Waltman lifts Lynn's arm in the air. Waltman and Lynn hug when Waltman takes out Lynn with a big shoulder breaker. Lynn holds his injured shoulder when Waltman pulls him to the outside and throws him over the steel guard railing. Waltman puts Lynn's arm over the guard railing and nails it with a steel chair. Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt and Shark Boy run down to break it up. Waltman takes off as Sabin, Dutt and Shark Boy attend to Lynn. Waltman yells at Mike Tenay at ringside regarding his actions.


- Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Team Canada. Eric Young said they are screwed without D'Amore at their side tonight. Petey Williams said D'Amore would be back soon and A-1 hands Williams a hockey stick. He said just like how the NHL is coming back, so is D'Amore. Booby Roode said Team Canada is a solid unit and that AMW & The Naturals "can't even do a freaking interview together." Williams said Team Canada are all on the same page and walk off singing the Canadian National Anthem.

- A video package runs showing the events between Team Canada and The Naturals & America's Most Wanted. That match is up next.

Eight Man Tag Team Match
NWA World Tag Team Champions The Naturals & America's Most Wanted vs. Team Canada (Williams, Roode, Young & A-1)

The bell rings and we starts with Andy Douglas and Eric Young. Douglas takes out Young quickly and tags in Chase Stevens. Douglas drops Young face first off Stevens knee. Petey Williams gets the tag, jumps up to the top, leaps and Stevens takes him out with a fist to the gut. James Storm gets the tag, kicks Williams in the gut and hits a airplane spin drop. Bobby Roode comes in and cheap shots Storm with the hockey stick. Roode gets the tag and he works on Storm's bad knee after that shot with the hockey stick. Roode drops the knee a few times on Storm's knee when he tags in A-1. A-1 drops Storms knee on the mat when Williams gets the tag and scissors his knee. Storm attempts a comeback, but Williams kicks him in the gut with force. Storm takes out Williams with a big clothesline. Harris gets the tag and he pulls in Eric Young and sends Williams over the top rope. Harris gives Young a big vertical suplex, covers, but only gets a two count. Stevens gets the tag and he double teams with Harris for a back body drop on Young. Stevens covers Young, but Roode breaks up the pinfall. Young low blows Stevens as he jumps in the air. Roode gets the tag and he works on Stevens in the corner. Roode applies a rear naked choke on the mat when Stevens gets up. ROode takes him out with an elbow, covers, but gets another two count. Williams gets the tag and he works on Stevens with some chops. Young gets the tag and he nails Stevens off the corner and follows that up with some hard rights.


Young gets up on the top rope and Stevens cuts him off with some punches. Stevens then springboards off the ropes and takes out Young with a big kick to the back of the head. Back in the ring, Douglas takes out Williams with a full nelson slam. Douglas then takes out A-1 with a high knee to the face. Stevens hits the ring, lifts Young up and they hit the Natural Diaster. Roode then takes out Douglas with a big lariat from behind. Williams takes out Stevens with a big DDT. Harris catches Williams after this and hits the Catatonic. Storm then takes out Roode with a big superkick, covers, but Roode A-1 breaks it up. Harris jumps up to the top and takes out Young, A-1 and Williams along with Douglas and Storm. In the ring, Roode trips up Stevens on the top rope. Roode climbs up with Stevens, but Harris hits the ring to cut it off. Harris brings down both Stevens and Roode at the same time in a big tower of doom! Harris calls for Storm to hit the ring. They attempt a double-team, but A-1 trips up Harris from the outside. Williams then gets the hockey stick, misses a shot on Storm and Storm throws him over the top rope to the outside. Stevens charges at Roode, Roode moves, Stevens knocks Storm off the ring apron and Roode rolls up Stevens for the pinfall!


Winners: Team Canada

After the match, The Naturals and America's Most Wanted start to argue about the loss. TNA Security hits the ring to break it up.

- Backstage, Shane Douglas attempts to get a word with Samoa Joe. Douglas continues to talk about his career in TNA thus far and Joe continues to ignore him. Douglas gets tough with him, saying to not disrespect him and give him some comments. Joe said he gave him some respect by not "slapping his Franchise ass right now." Joe walks away as Douglas looks on with a mad look.

- A video package runs showing the highlights of the 2005 Super X Cup Tournament that took place the last four weeks on Impact. The finals will take place tonight between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.

- Christopher Daniels joins both Mike Tenay & Don West at ringside for the next match.

2005 Super X Cup Tournament Final
AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

After introductions by Jeremy Borash, the bell rings and here we go. Both attempt to lock up, but back off. Styles and Joe exchange two stiff kicks to the legs. They do this again to test each other out. Styles trips up Joe and then kicks him to the corner. Styles gets in some shoulder charges in the corner and hits a big scoop slam! Styles hits a big fist to the face off the ropes and only gets a one count. Styles gives Joe a snapmore followed by a stiff kick to the back. Styles attempts a big right hand, but Joe cuts him off with a big right hand of his own. Joe then nails Styles with a big knee knocking him through the ropes to the outside. As Styles gets to his feet, Joe goes off the ropes, jumps through and takes out Styles on the outside. Styles gets pushed back with so much force that he slides and smacks into the announcers table. Joe sends Styles into the guard railing, but Styles jumps over, leaps back up and takes out Joe with a big flying forearm. Styles throws Joe back in the ring, attempts a suplex on Joe, works it a bit and then finally gets Joe over. Styles covers, but only gets a two count. Styles then applies a deathlock on Joe into a bridge chinlock. Styles breaks out of it and applies a headlock. Joe sends Styles into the ropes and takes him out with a quick shoulder block.


When Joe leans over to pick up Styles, Styles gives him a quick huricanranna. Styles does an amazing backwards flip when Joe stops and holds onto the ropes. Styles attempts to send Joe over the top rope, but can't do it. Styles backs up, charges, but Joe catches him and slams him back down hard in a modified STO. Joe hits a big knee charge on Styles in the corner and then chokes Styles a bit with his boot. Joe then hits a big leg sweep on Styles near the corner, covers, but only gets a two count. Joe hits a snapmare, chops Styles and then hits a big stiff kick to the back. Joe then hits a quick leg drop on Styles, covers and only gets a two count. Joe applies a reverse chinlock on Styles. Styles attempts a comeback, but Joe nails him down to the mat when he comes off the ropes. Joe then comes back with a huge powerbomb on Styles, breaks the pinfall and turns over into a boston crab! As Styles looks to break that, Joe drops down and applies the STF on Styles. Styles gets his boot on the bottom rope to break the submission. Joe misses a clothesline on Styles and Styles fights back with a big dropkick. Styles then comes back with a springboard inverted DDT. Styles covers...1...2...kick out. The crowd in Orlando chants "THIS IS AWESOME" loudly.


Styles is up on the top when Joe comes up with him. Styles knocks Joe off the top. Styles drops down to the ring apron, springboards off the top rope and hits a big senton on Joe. Styles covers, but Joe gets up the shoulder at the two count. Styles then comes back with a quick Pele Kick. Styles rolls up Joe, gets a two count, Styles looks to get him in the Styles Clash when Joe breaks that up. Styles gets a sunset flip on Joe, Joe rolls around in a Texas Tumbleweed move and Styles stands up dazed from the move. Joe follows that up with a HUGE clothesline that takes out Styles. Joe covers...1...2...kick out. Joe can't believe it and aruges with the referee. Joe kicks Styles in the face a few times and Styles fires back with some stiff forearms. Joe comes back with some open hand slaps. Styles finishes it off with a huge kick to the back of the head. The crowd in Orlando is going absolutely nuts at this point. Both men are down. The referee gets to the 9 count when Styles gets up to break the count. Joe kicks Styles in the gut, puts him up on the ropes, Styles fights out of the Muscle Buster, kicks Joe into the corner, Styles has Joe up on his shoulders in the Torture Rack! Styles comes down with Joe, but he takes out the referee in the process. Christopher Daniels leaves the announcers table when Styles covers Joe. The referee is down. Daniels comes in and gives Styles the STO. Joe gets up and stares at Daniels. Daniels was about to hit Joe with the X Division Title when Joe looks back. Styles clotheslines Daniels to the outside. Joe then throws Styles up to the top, comes down in the Muscle Buster and then applies the clutch near the corner! Styles tries to fight the submission, reaches for the ropes, but Styles has no choice but to tap out.


Winner of the 2005 Super X Cup Tournament: Samoa Joe

After the match, the referee hands Samoa Joe the 2005 Super X Cup trophy. Christopher Daniels stares down Joe from the ramp holding the X Division Title high in the air. Tenay reminds the viewers that Daniels will defend the X Title against Joe next month at the Unbreakable PPV on September 11. Joe continues to stare down Daniels as a dazed Styles gets back on his feet near the corner. This was almost a match of the year. Only needed another 5 minutes or so. Unbelievable stuff.

- A promo for the Unbreakable PPV next month on September 11 is shown.

- A promo airs of NWA World Heavyweight Champion Raven backstage. Raven brings up how if he pins Jeff Jarrett tonight, then Jarrett doesn't get a title shot for a full year. He said Jarrett is lost without the NWA World Title in TNA. Raven said tonight the mutal respect between him and Sabu will be enough to take out Jarrett and Rhino. Sabu is shown behind Raven on the steps doing his pose as Raven closes the promo with "...quote the Raven, nevermore."

- A video package airs highlighting the events involving Raven, Jeff Jarrett, Rhino and Sabu in the last four weeks on Impact and at last month's No Surrender PPV.


NWA World Champion Raven & Sabu vs. Jeff Jarrett & Rhino