TNA Update: WWE Legal Threats, Spike TV News, Wal-Mart, & More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– TNA management and Spike TV will be meeting throughout the next few weeks to discuss plans for their October debut on the network. Since it is Spike TV, and not TNA, who is selling advertising space on the show, they have even more of a financial interest in the show doing well. Right now it looks like Spike will be working hard to promote TNA strongly.


– TNA has signed a deal with ESPN Star in India. Sonjay Dutt and at least one other TNA wrestler will be going to India for a promotion campaign sometime this month.

– Due to legal threats by WWE, TNA has had to do new voiceovers for their DVD releases, with matches including the former Michael Shane and The Outlaw. All of the DVDs will replace those two names with Matt Bently and Kip James.

– Speaking of TNA DVDs, they will be hitting Wal-Mart shelves nationwide sometime in the near future.