Torrie & Trish Update, Christian, New Talent; & More News

Torrie Wilson is looking to get back into the ring and will be wrestling on RAW. The plan is for Trish Stratus to return as a face and align herself with Ashley setting up Ashley/Trish against Torrie/Candice.


For those wondering, the Christian t-shirts were back onsale at SmackDown! house shows this past weekend.

Ken Kennedy worked the weekend house shows doing a gimmick where he states his name several times while on his way to the ring and always ends with "That's Mr. Kennedy ... Kennedy." It's similar to a circus announcer. He then shrugged off his opponent's intro as Scotty Too Hotty's music played. After the match, Kennedy again got on the mic and repeated his name.

A new edition of The Lockeroom Lowdown is up at This edition features Josh Matthews interviewing Simon Dean on who in the WWE lockeroom needs to shed a few pounds.