Vince McMahon Furious With Spike TV Ads

Unless they're interested in dealing with Vince McMahon, those who believe pro wrestling is "fake" better not make such a statement during WWE programming.

According to the Wrestling-Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon was furious with the recent UFC ad campaign that read, "What's real? Pro wrestling? No. Boxing? Not anymore. The UFC is real!" The fact that such ads aired during Spike TV's presentation of WWE RAW only further agitated the WWE Chairman, who the Newsletter says went "nuts" over pro wrestling's inclusion in the spot. It seems that any chance of WWE and Spike TV parting ways on good terms is out the window, as the relationship has "turned very cold."

Pro wrestling and MMA sources find Vince McMahon's anger to be ironic, as WWE has often defended its own content by dismissing pro wrestling as "entertainment." In recent years, WWE has, in no way, made the suggestion that pro wrestling is a real sport, so Vince's objection to the ad has struck many as confusing.

While Spike TV has removed the "pro wrestling" reference from ads scheduled to run during WWE RAW, the original cut still airs in other timeslots.