What You Didn't See On RAW Last Night

Thanks to bigshow2611@comcast.net for this

I was at RAW on Monday from Pittsburgh and here is what you didn't see:

Dark Matches:

The Destroyer vs. ?
Destroyer won, no one cared

Tomko vs. Pittsburgh Jobber
Match ended in about 30 seconds when Tomko big booted the kid and the kid landed on his head wierd got knocked out, I think it was real. Pretty sweet though

Val Venis vs. ?
Val Venis won with a Money Shot

Pretty decent pop for Angle, decent sized Eugene sucks chants, don't know if it got picked up on TV. Hogan got a huge pop.

Didn't seem like there were alot of matches really, but now they fill the downtime with shooting shirts into the crowd.

The Hogan/HBK thing at the end was kind of boring, Hogan didnt get a very good pop.

The dark match after RAW was decent.


Angle got a pretty decent pop Cena's was crazy and so was Batistas. Nothing to special, Hogan won it, I think he pinned JBL.

Nothing else exciting off camera

Lot of "Here we go Steelers, Here we go chants", I wondered if they got picked up