WWE News & Notes: Leyla, Road Warrior Animal, Hulk Hogan

Source: PWInsider.com

In today's New York Times features a story regarding former teacher, now WWE wrestler, Matt Striker went from rags to riches after he lost his teaching job but ended up getting a contract with WWE out of it.


Road Warrior Animal recetly expressed that he is on top of the world, after an unexpected stint in WWE as one half of the world tag-team champions. His blissful state of mind comes across in an interview he did up in Canada.

On the Tonight Show, Jay Leno mentioned that Hulk Hogan celebrated his 52nd birthday. Then, he threw out a question and asked, "How do you say Hulk Hogan in Spanish? Answer: Rafael Palmeiro."

The Amazon and the casting special of Tough Enough 1, has done an interview with Leyla of WWE's current diva search.