WWE RAW Results (8/1/05): Vince McMahon Returns; Matt Hardy!

WWE RAW Results (8/1/05): Vince McMahon Returns; Matt Hardy!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Date: Monday, August 1st, 2005
Location: The Mohegan Sun Arena in Mohegan Sun, CT
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Start of the Show:

Chris Jericho comes to the ring to kick off WWE Raw. He grabs a mic and says he is a pure genius for making a plan along with Eric Bischoff the last few weeks. It's a plan to end John Cena's WWE championship reign and he says the plan is going very well. He then recalls last week making fun of Cena's performance and then he talks about Carlito pinning him. He then gives himself credit for being the best referee of all time. He then shows the footage of last week when he kicked Cena below the belt. Jericho then says Cena could lose his WWE title tonight to Carlito, but even if Cena loses, he is the big winner because he will walk out of SummerSlam with the WWE title. Jericho then talks about tearing Cena apart but at the end of his promo Cena hits the ring, tackles Jericho and starts to beat him all around. Bischoff is at the top of the ramp telling the guiards to get in there and stop this! They finally do and Bischoff starts screaming at Cena. Bischoff says the title reign is going to come to an END TONIGHT! He then says tonight there will be another special guest referee tonight and that man is someone who calls it right down the middle. That man is CHRIS JERICHO!

Tag Team Match
Referee: Chad Patton
Shelton Benjamin and The Big Show vs. Chris Masters and Snitsky

Chris Masters made his way to the ring to compete in as tag match alongside Snitsky as they defeated Benjamin last week. But this week the Big Show is on Shelton's side!

The start:
The Biog Show lifts Shelton and tosses him over the top rope and Shelton unloads on both men already! Shelton and Masters are legal and Shelton nails Masters with a shoulder block. Big Show is tagged but Masters runs and tags Snitsky. Big Show tosses him in the ring and follows up with a head butt and a frying pan slap to the sternum.

Mid Match Notes:

Show challenges Masters to come in after he nails Snitsky with a side elbow and another big open handed slap followed by a headbutt. Show slaps Snitsky again before choking him with the boot in the corner. Big Show then tells the crowd to quiet and he slaps Snitsky again. Show then mocks Snitsky holding his chest and saying it hurts. Show clotheslines Snitsky over the top, Masters tries a cheap shot but Show lifts him over his head and dumps him right on top of Snitsky. WWE heads to a commercial break as Show stands tall in the ring. When we come back live Benjamin is elbowing Snitsky on the head but Masters involves himself and Shelton runs right into a boot from Snitsky. Masters is tagged in and he gives Shelton a backbreaker followed by a standing sidewalk slam sending Shelton hard to the man. Masters then clubs away on Shelton before placing him in a standing bear hug. Benjamin gets out of the hold but he runs right off the ropes into a powerslam. Masters covers but only gets a two before tagging Snitsky who stomps away on the former IC champion. Benjamin takes a scoop slam followed by an elbow drop by Snitsky who gets another near fall. Snitsky then tries to wear down Shelton with a modified cobra clutch. Shelton squirms and mounts a tiny bit of offense but he runs RIGHT into a spinebuster from Snitsky. 1.....2... Shelton BARELY kicks out. Masters is tagged back in and they double team Shelton. Snitsky is tagged back in again and they give Shelton a double clothesline but then Show hits the ring and clobbers both men down!

Snitsky regains himself before stomping on Shelton and tagging Masters. Shelton manages an inside cradle on Masters but gets a two count. They lock arms but Masters turns Shelton around sending him to the mat with a nasty clothesline. Masters wears Shelton down with a rear chin lock, Shelton fights back but Masters clubs his back. Shelton can barely stand up as Masters takes him down again choking him with his boots. Masters goes for a vertical suplex but Benjamin lands on his feet and he nails a neckbreaker on Masters! The crowd goes wild as Masters tags but Snitsky grabs the leg of Shelton. Shelton mule kicks him though and tags the Show! Both men go down to headbutts and shoulder blocks. He then squashes both of them before clotheslining them to the mat!

The Finish:

Benjamin hits the ring again and nails his heel kick right on the nose of Masters as Big Show spun him! Shelton takes Masters out of the ring and Snitsky nails a kick to the face of the Big Show. Show bounces off the ropes but Snitsky runs at him. Show slaps on the choke and slams Snitsky down to the mat with the chokeslam! He covers and gets the win for his team!

Winners: The Big Show and Shelton Benjamin

Eugene Invitational

Eugene heads to the ring and he is with Christy Hemme who is in a cheerleader outfit with white panties underneath. We've got tons of hot photos below.. He holds her up and she moves a leg and it's pretty damn cool. Christy gets on the mic and introduces Eugene who asks to play with her pom poms. She then introduces the hometown hero but it's actually Kurt Angle who comes out. Angle goes to say enough is enough but Eugene says "what's your name and where you from?!" He then does it a bunch of times as Angle tries to talk. Angle finally gives in and says his name and that he's from Pittsburg. Eugene says they are not in Pittsburg. Angle says they are on an Indian reservation, what hometown hero could possibly be from here? Eugene goes to get ready to wrestle but the music of Tatanka hits and HE makes his way to the ring!

Referee: Jack Doan

The two men lock up and Tatanka nails a small shoulder block. the two then chain wrestle and Tatanka gains control, but Eugene gives him an arm ring followed by a legdrop on the arm. Tatanka gains control and backs him into the corner where he chops Eugene, he then chops him off the ropes. Tatanka then does his war dance before clocking Eugene on the head. Tatanka goes to the top rope and he nails a tomakawk chop, but Eugene kicks out at two. Eugene then ducks a blow from Tatanka and he nails the Angle slam! He then mimmicks Angle by taking off fake straps and then he puts Tatanka in the ankle lock! However, Angle comes in and clocks Eugene ending the bout.. Tatanka then clocks Angle with a chop and then Eugene does and they go back and forth with chops before knocking Anghle out of the ring with a double clothesline! Angle walks up the ramp upset and Eugene keeps the medal.


Angle walks in the back and he is asked about losing his gold medal. Angle says he HAS no gold medal and next week it comes to an end when we go to Pittsburg and he doesn't care if Eugene brings Tonto, Tatanka, or the whole friggen tribe. He says Eugene is special but next week he's going to make it really special if you know what he means...

We see highlights of last week when Kane stole the ambulance Lita was in. Coach reported that he was arrested and there are still investigation underway. We cut to Jericho and Carlito talking to each other. Carlito says what Cena did was not cool. Jericho says Carlito will walk out as the WWE champion. Bischoff comes in and tells them to get the job done.

The limo with Vince McMahon inside arrives at the arena and he comes out!

Vince McMahon's announcement:

Vince makes his way to the ring to a big ovation. He then talksd about Raw. 636th Monday Night Raw, surpasses any weekly show in history including Seinfield, Happy Days and the Simpsons, Vince thanks WWE fans all over the world, but especially thanks the one individual who built the juggernaut known as WWE Raw...himself. He says he makes good business decisions for these people. He says why else would he take a son of a b—h like Eric Bischoff and make him Raw GM? Why else would he revive a dead and buried ECW? Because it's good business. He says sometimes he has to bring wrestlers back because it's good business and that is why he is here tonight. He says this man will face Edge at SummerSlam and his name.. is MATT HARDY!

Hardy makes his way to the ring to a huge ovation. Matt gets on the mic and thanks Vince for bringing him back but thatnks the fans for bringing him back because THEY wanted him. Matt then does a real shoot saying he was dating Amy Dumas, known as Lita, even though she was married to Kane on TV, she came home to him every single night. He said Edge was his best friend and when he was hurt she had an affair with him. He said he was sitting at home watching the fans say "We Want Matt" and "You screwed Matt." That is when the Matt Hardy movement began and now he is back! He says Edge ruined his chances of having a family,. but not his chances of being a WWE superstar. He then says now Edge is mad and Matt Hardy doesn't care. He says he will put Edge through so much hell that Edge would wish he was dead. He said the only thing better than hurting Edge would be if Edge died in a car accident before he got the chance. At Summerslam it's kill or be killed and Matt Hardy will not die.

Vince McMahon is shown in the back and he runs into Chavo, and he calls him Chavo but Chavo corrects him and says his name is Gerwin. Gerwin asks about where Vince lives and he says he heard Regis lives there too. McMahon says he's been a millionare so long he forgot what it's like to be middle class. He wishes Gerwin luck. Gerwin says he likes polo and lacrosse.

Referee: Mike Chioda
Val Venis vs. Rob Conway

Venis comes to the ring and gives his towel to a lady. Conway comes to the ring in weird attire and REALLY crappy music. He had some things to say earlier and he says now he does things his way, the Con-way. Get it?

The start:

The two men circle and lock up. Conway gets an arm on Venis but Venis reverses. Conway kicks Venis in the gut and gives him a side headlock. Conway still has his sunglasses on as he drops Venis with a shoulder block. His glasses fall off and he gets mad. They lock up again, Venis gains control but Conway backs him into a corner where he gives him a reverse elbow, followed by another and an elbow drop after a long pose.

Mid Match Notes:

Conway chops Venis in the corner but Venis reverses a whip and then gives Conway a back body drop followed by a few knockdowns. The fight heads outside where Venis nails Conway around. He throws Venis back in the ring but Conway knocks him off the apron into the security rail. Conway steps outside and works the back of Venis on the security padding and the ring apron. Conway works on Venis in the ring with irish whips.

Val Venis manages to hit a powerbomb on Conway and he gains some momentum as he drops Conway with a drop toe hold followed by a falling leg breaker and then a modified figure four! Conway is in pain but he manages to reach the ropes.

The Finish:

Venis drops Conway with a spinebuster and he climbs the top rope for the money shot but Conway knocks him down and Venis crashes abdomen first onto the turnbuckle. Conway then pulls Venis up like he was going to give him a rope used DDT but he inverts it nearly into a roll of the dice. It's called "The Ego Trip." Venis crashes to the mat and Conway covers for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Rob Conway

Larry King Spoof:

There is a spoof of Larry King and he introduces Hulk Hogan who is actually Shawn Michaels. He comes out with an assisted walker and he is classic. He makes fun of Hogan saying "brother" and posing a bunch of times as Larry King asks him a bunch of crappy questions. A caller calls from Battle Creek and asks when he is coming back there and "Hogan" says he only goes to big towns, sorry. Larry King then asks if Hogan can take Michaels, because look at these. Highlights are shown of HBK and they are awesome. The whole time Michaels mocked Hogan's age while he imitated Hogan, it was classic stuff. When we come back to the Larry King spoof, "Hogan" is sitting there stunned. "Hogan" then talks about money and all he did was go for the money and now he has to talk to Vince McMahon and change things. He loses his fake hair as "Larry King" asks him what he is going to do. Shawn freaks out as Hogan and talks about his philosophy that when the people in the arena are sitting it means he already has their money. He then talks about how Michaels is a real wrestler and will give it his all in any arena, big or small. Michaels then superkicks "Larry King" and exposes himself as Michaels. He asks Hogan what he is going to do when at SummerSlam, reality kicks him in the face. HBK superkicks the camera and we fade to black before seeing the WWE Diva search ladies come out of their locker rooms.

Diva Search:

The Diva Search Girls are out on the stage with Coach, and someone has to go home right now, and it's Summer. The girls then made their way to the ring for the Queen of the Mountain contest. There is loads of padding in the ring, with pedestals and sticks with foam on the end. Coach then introduced the special referee, from Saturday Night Live and tons of funny movies, and the star of Duece Bigalow: The girls are in very skimpy bikini's, sizzling hot. View pics below, no joke. European Giggolo; Rob Schneider. We then go to a clip from the movie and then he is introduced to the ring. Schneider said his advice is not to be distracted by his boner. Leyla and Ashley are first up, and both fell off. They get back up and it's another tie when they both fell off, but eventually Ashley wins. Kristal and Elisabeth are up next with Elisabeth getting the win. Rob goofed around with the Diva's and Ashley now meets Elisabeth in the finals with Elisabeth getting the win. Coach told us all to go vote. Whatever. Coach tried to get with Elisabeth but she went with Schneider.

WWE Title Match
Referee: Chris Jericho
John Cena (c) vs. Carlito

Chris Jericho is in the ring as Bischoff is ringside. Carlito makes his way to the ring followed by the WWE champion John Cena! Does Cena have a chance?

The start:

Cena hits the ring and goes right for Jericho but Carlito stops him and chokes him with his own shirt. Jericho counts slow as Carlito chokes the life out of Cena. Cena manages to whip Carlito but Jericho pulls him out of the way as Cena tries to splash. Jericho tries some VERY quick early counts but to no avail. Carlito clobbers on Cena but Cena fires back with right hands but Jericho grabs his arms. Jericho and Carlito then toss Cena into the ring post together and he goes flying to the outside as WWE take a commercial break.

Mid Match Notes:

When we come back Carlito has Cena in a wrist lock but Cena gets to his feet and knocks Carlito down. Carlito kicks Cena in the chest and nails a neckbreaker. Fast count but Cena kicks out and Jericho nails him, another fast count. Carlito nails a back elbow and Cena quickly kicks out again. Carlito beats on Cena in the corner with right hands and elbows. He picks Cena up and goes for a vertical suplex but Cena blocks it and goes for one of his own but Jericho pulls the legs of Carlito b ack down allowing him to nail a DDT. Cena has his foot on the ropes, Jericho counts anyway but Cena kicks out. Carlito continues to beat on Cena but Cena ducks a blow and gives Carlito a shoulder block. He then tackles Jericho but Carlito pounces on him and places him in a side headlock. Jericho begs for him to quit but Cena will not. Cena works his way to his feet and he manages to drop Carlito over his back. He runs at Carlito but Carlito nails a falling face slam and he nearly gets a three count. The fight goes to the outside where Carlito slams Cena's head off the security rail after it's exposed by Jericho. Carlito rolls him back in the ring and he gets another near quick 3 count. Cena goes punch for punch with Carlito and he gains control taking Carlito down with shoulder blocks followed by a back body drop and a spinning back suplex. Cena does the five knuckle shuffle but Jericho does not count. Cena chokes Jericho but Carlito attacks him from behind. Cena fires on him though and throws a back elbow to Jericho.

The Finish:

Cena goes for the FU but Bischoff gets on the apron and Jericho kicks Cena in the gut. Cena then pushes Jericho into Bischoff knocking him off the apron. Cena then clothesline Jericho over the top rope and nails Carlito with the FU! Another referee comes and counts the three count and Cena wins!

Winner and STILL WWE champion: John Cena

The Aftermath:

Jericho kicks Cena right in the plums after the match before slamming his head on the security rail. Jericho takes it outside where he gives Cena suplex on the mat. He grabs a camera and nails Cena right in the face. (Cena didn't move at all, looked pretty bad) Cena is busted open as Jericho bring him on the apron. Jericho gives him a hangman on the ropes and then he places him in the Walls of Jericho near the ropes. Bischoff slaps Cena in the face as Jericho holds the lock for several seconds. Jericho finally breaks it and he and Bischoff leave to the back together.

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