WWE RAW Results (8/8/05): The Hulkster; Edge-Hardy; More!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Date: Monday, August 8th, 2005
Location: The Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, PA
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Start of the Show:

Eugene's music hits as he comes to the ring with Christy Hemme in her cheerleading outfit. Hogan will meet face to face tonight with Shawn Michaels but for now we have the Eugene Gold Medal invitational. Eugene gets on the mic with a Hulkamaniac T-shirt and he says Hogan is here tonight and he is his favorite and his friend. Christy says it's time for the invitational and she wants the crowd to spell the name of Eugene. She says "give me an E" and so on but before she can finish the music of Kurt Angle hits and he makes his way to the ring. Decent cheers for Angle with only a few "you suck" chants. Angle enters the ring as Eugene scratches his head in awe. Angle says enough is enough as the crowd chants his name! He says he is tired of all this crap, he asks where he is and then says Eugene is in his hometown baby! He's the hometown hero here; Pittsburg, Pennsylvania! The crowd chants more for Angle as Angle then says Hogan isn't even a big as hero as he is here. Eugene says he's a gold medalist and the crowd BOOS him. Then they chant that he sucks as he and Angle fight over whether or not he is a gold medalist. Angle then finally turns on the crowd calling them blue collar idiots. Eugene goes to say he said a bad word but Angle kicks him in the gut.


Eugene Invitational: (Referee: Michael Chioda)

Angle works Eugene early and backs him into a corner before shoving the referee. Angle gives Eugene a backbreaker for a two count and afterwards Eugene backs him into a corner. Eugene then clocks the referee and then blames it on Angle! the referee yells at Angle and Eugene gives him a drop toe hold before riding him like a mule! Eugene then gets taken down hard and Angle punches the hell out of his head before giving him a back suplex for another two count. Angle slams Eugene's head off the buckle but Eugene hulks up and punches Angle! Angle ducks a blow though and nails Eugene with a german suplex. Angle pulls down his straps as the crowd roars but he goes for Eugene and Eugene ducks a blow and Angle nails the referee. The referee, after being hit by Angle a second time, but thinking it was the third, disqualifies Angle! Eugene keeps the gold medal! Angle snaps on Eugene slamming him in the back before giving him an Angle slam. He goes to do more damage but the music of Hulk Hogan hits! Hogan hits the ring and Angle tries to get on him but Hogan hulks up, points the finger and slams Angle with fists! Hogan whips Angle but Angle ducks out of the ring. He and Eugene then celebrate all over the ring!


Winner by DQ and still gold medal holder: Eugene

Referee: Jack Doan
Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Masters

Shelton Benjamin comes to the ring as The Coach says he is going to get placed in the Master Lock yet again! The King does his usual kissing ass of Masters as he makes his entrance. Coach joins in and J.R mocks them.

The start:

The two men lock up, Masters over powers but Shelton ducks a blow and strikes Masters but Masters over powers him again and slams him before putting him in a side headlock. The two exchange blows, Masters throws a kick but Shelton catches it and gives him a dragon leg whip. Shelton tries to hit a cross body but Masters catches him and slams with to the mat with a falling powerslam.

Mid Match Notes:

Masters works down Shelton with kicks and punches before placing Shelton in a bear hug. Masters picks him up though and slams him to the mat with a sidewalk slam. Masters calls for the Master Lock but Shelton hooks his leg and rolls him up for a two count. Masters grabs him again but Shelton falls into a chin breaker. Shelton fires on Masters and he hits a flying forearm followed by a dropkick to Master's knee cap. Shelton comes off the ropes and gives Masters a running knee lift followed by the stinger splash and top rope flying clothesline. 1...2.. Master's foot is on the bottom rope.


The Finish:

Masters gets back to his feet, he goes for the Master Lock but Shelton works his way out and gets a headlock on Masters. The two men tangle around and the referee cannot see as Masters throws a low blow kick to Shelton. He slaps on the Master Lock and Jack Doan checks on Shelton who is out!

Winner: Chris Masters

SummerSlam Match:

We head to the back with Todd who is outside Eric Bischoff's office. Angle comes out smiling and Todd asks why he is smiling. Angle says he is smiling because he and Eugene have a match at Summerslam and there is no 3 minute time limit. Angle says he will make him suffer, end his career, and win his gold medal back. He said he's really liking it!

Mariah with Rob Conway:

Mariah tells Conway that he is facing the 500 pound love machine Viscera this week. He says he's 95 percent fat free and he's going to take care of Viscera the Con-Way. Viscera shows up, Mariah says hi and Viscera says you look good, Mariah says thanks, he says she always looks good but he's talking to Conway. Conway says everyone wants to be like him, Viscera reiterates that and then makes fun of Conway's attire and then says he looks like the village people! He says he's going to look real pretty face down after Viscera gives him the Viscagra!


J.R and the King talk about Hardy and they cut live after some highlights to Edge and Lita. J.R asks Edge what he thinks about Vince rehiring Matt Hardy. Edge says it was a genius idea and it was actually his idea. Lita is in a neckbrace as Edge says that they are locked up in a locker room guarded by security but they don't need them. Edge says he wants the security to leave and at SummerSlam what he does to Matt will be a legal assault. Edge then goes OFF on Hardy saying what he said last week was pathetic and he says he wants Matt to be safe unlike what Matt said to him about a car accident. Edge says Matt should thank him and says he never got reactions like this before and he's here now because he is rdiding Edge's coat tails. He says while Matt was busy with cruiserweights and his MF'ers, Edge was wrestling Benoit and Angle. Edge said he earned his main event stripes and Lita is with a main eventer now. He talks a bit more about his stripes, saying Matt's 15 minutes of fame are over. He and Lita make out before it all cuts off.

Referee: Chad Patton
Rob Conway vs. Viscera

Rob Conway makes his way to the ring to take on the world's largest love machine; Viscera! Big Vis heads to the ring rolling and ready.


The match:

The two men lock up, Viscera backs him into a corner, Conway reverses and clubs on the big man but Viscera turns it around and slams Rob in the chest. Conway manages to get a kick in but he runs right into a spinning side slam from Viscera. Viscera dances and charges at Conway but he misses and Conway gives him a sick shot to the front of the knee. Viscera screams in pain and the referee checks on him but Conway won't give up on the knee. Conway works it around and comes off the ropes but Vicsera drops him in a samoan drop. Viscera goes for his sodomy move but Conway elbows him in the head and works his way out. Conway climbs the top but jumps into a fist from Viscera. Viscera tries to pick Conway up but his knee gives out and Conway lands on him getting the 3 count.

Winner: Rob Conway

Referee: Jack Doan
Hurricane, Rosey, and Stacy vs. The Heart Throbs and Victoria

The music of the Hurricane hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with Rosey and Super Stacy for this Six Person Tag Match against The Heart Throbs and Victoria.

The start:

Stacy shoved Victoria down before the match and then we kick things off with Antonio and Hurricane. Antonio hit some right hands but Hurricane came back with a fireman's carry and then a clothesline for two. Antonio took control in the corner and then Romeo clotheslined Hurricane from the apron before tagging in. Romeo and Antonio hit a double Russian legsweep and then Romeo hit an elbow drop for two.


Mid Match Notes/Finish:

Romeo locked in a rear chinlock and then tagged in Antonio and they went for a double dropkick but Hurricane held the ropes and then tagged Rosey who slammed both Heart Throbs and then sat down on Antonio's head when he went for a sunset flip. Heart Throbs were distracted by Stacy's ass and then Rosey took control but then Victoria slammed Stacy off the apron to the outside. Rosey then ran over and knocked Victoria off the apron. The Heart Throbs then hit a double team on Rosey out of nowhere and go the pin.

Winners: The Heart Throbs and Victoria

Backstage, Chris Jericho is making his way down the hallway, and he will be out in the arena for the Highlight Reel, next!

The Highlight Reel:

Jericho is already in the ring with his music playing after a commercial break. He says his guest tonight is the greatest GM in WWE history, his personal friend, Eric Bischoff! Easy E comes to the ring and huge Jericho as the crowd boos. Jericho says he's so happy he wants to shake Eric's hand again (he does). Bischoff says he hopes the people enjoy John Cena's video premiere for "Right Now" because after Summerslam when Jericho wins the title all Cena will have in his life will be his music career. Bischoff says Cena is lucky that Cena is not medically cleared to be here tonight. Jericho said the beating would be worse if he were here tonight. Jericho says he too has a music video and he wants to show what happens when you cross Eric Bischoff and try to mess with Jericho. Fozzy's "To Kill a Stranger" is played on the Jeritron as highlights are shown of Jericho beating around Cena. The crowd boos after the short clip as Bischoff smiles. Bischoff and Jericho kiss each other's asses a bit but then Bischoff brings up the fact that things did not go as planned last week and that is because of one man. Bischoff then calls out Chad Patton! Patton comes to the ring to Raw's theme music. Bischoff asks who the referee was last week, Patton says it was Chris Jericho. Bischoff then says then why the hell did you do this! (cut to video clip of what happened) Bischoff asks if he was just doing his job. Bischoff then slaps Patton across the face and then does it again. Patton stands tall as Jericho laughs on at Patton. Bischoff then says he wants an apology out him. Patton says he is sorry but Bischoff says it's not enough. Chad says he is sorry again and slaps him in the head some more. Bischoff says he wants to make an example out of him and tonight he is going to face Chris Jericho in a match, tonight! Jericho faces down Patton and scares him into a corner and Bischoff says the match will be next!


Referee: Eric Bischoff
Chris Jericho vs. Chad Patton

The match:

Patton runs at Jericho and the crowd goes wild but Jericho clubs him in the back and takes him down. Jericho kicks on his ribs before removing his referee shirt and choking him with it. Jericho chokes Patton on the ropes as Carlito comes to the ring to more boos. Jericho stomps away and slaps the head of Patton. Jericho sets Patton up on the ropes and chops the life out of him before throwing him to the outside where Carlito pounds relentlessly on him. Patton is thrown back in the ring and Jericho gives him a spinning spinebuster followed by the Walls of Jericho. Patton is tapping but Bischoff does not call for the bell. Finally he does but Jericho does not lay down the hold and Bischoff slaps his head.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Cena hits the ring though and he takes down Jericho before giving Carlito a shoulder block and a back body drop! Cena clears the ring of Jericho before planting Carlito with an FU! Cena holds his title staring at Jericho and Bischoff as his music plays!

When we come back from commercial Bischoff and Jericho are complaining about everything. They are asked about what just happened and Bischoff flips and then says next week there will be a handi-capped match between Jericho and Carlito vs. John Cena!


Diva Search 2005:

The Coach is in the ring and he brings out the final four Diva Search ladies and they are dressed in hot skimpy clothes, some see-through, pics below. Coach says this week is their last week to impress because next week they will crown a winner. He says one of them must go home and he paces around stopping at Kristal who is cut! She leaves the ring and Coach says they gave them 60 seconds to talk to the fans but also how they deal with things when they go out of hand. Ashley goes first. She actually holds a cue card with her PHONE number on it! She then keeps talking but she gets a pie slammed in her face! She flips out and screams then puts some on the Coach. Leyla has a sign with her name on it and says she thinks she knows what the people want, and she gets slammed with the pie. She looks hot in her top and she carries on with the promo before giving Coach a small cute slap. Elizabeth talks and says people are talking about her but she is the girl here who has walked the walk. She talks to the fans, gets slammed with the pie, then says how she won the competitions and then she runs out of time. Next week is the last week, so get voting at WWE.com!

Referee: Michael Chioda
Matt Hardy vs. Gene Snitsky


The music of Matt Hardy hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring and he is set for action here tonight, his first macth back in the WWE against Snitsky!

The match:

Hardy unloaded with right hands and then a tornado punch and some knees to the head. Hardy kicked Snitsky right in the head and then hammered away at his back and hit more right hands but then walked into a spinebuster. Snitsky stomped Hardy and then tossed him to the corner and hit some right hands of his own and then hit a clothesline in the corner. Snitsky hit a delayed vertical for two and then choked Hardy over the middle rope. Snitsky hit a bodyslam and then missed an elbow drop. Hardy hit some right hands and then a flying clothesline after Snitsky missed a splash in the corner for two. Snitsky came back with a side slam after reversing a neckbreaker for a two count and then went for a pumphandle slam but Hardy reversed and went for the Twist of Fate but Snitsky pushed him away. Snitsky went for a big boot but Matt moved and Snitsky got hung in the ropes and then Matt hit a Tornado DDT for the win.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Edge hit the ring and hammered away on Hardy and then a bunch of officials hit the ring and held Edge back.


After the commercial break, Matt Hardy is being escorted out of the ring but he suddenly stops and runs into Edge's locker room! He attacks Edge and the guards finally separate them!

John Cena's music video plays next. It's pretty good but once again his verse is weaken than his sidekick's verse. Most of the video is about him as a kid wanting to become a professional wrestler. The crowd mostly boos the clip but many of them are cheering. It's decent music, better than half the crap MTV has, why do they boo?

HBK is shown walking to the ring as he will confront Hogan face to face next!

HBK and Hogan: Face to Face

Two podiums are set up as The King is in the ring awaiting both of them. Next week Hogan will face Angle, Cena will take on Jericho and Carlito and the Diva Search will come to an end! King gets on the mic and says it is his honor to introduce the two superstars. First, the icon, the showstopper... Shawn Michaels! HBK hits the ring after his ramp entrance and fireworks. The crowd is mostly mixed, Jim Ross is not really pinning him as the bad guy. His opponent, the legendary, the immortal, Hulk Hogan! The two men stare down as the King promotes the whole ordeal. Michaels butts in and says he wants to thank Hogan on behalf of the fans for actually showing up here tonight and gracing them with his appearance. King asks if the people are happy to see Hogan and they cheer but clearly Michaels is building a small army against him. King says his first question is for HBK. The King asks HBK about what Hogan said on Larry King about trying to get to the "upper tier." HBK asks if everyone thinks he is jealous of Hogan. He says there is NOTHING about Hogan or his life that he desires! As far as he is concerned, in this ring, Hogan can't touch him! HBK said maybe what King meant to say is whether or not he was upset that one of his piers made a comment about him in such a way. HBK says Hogan made a career on personality and show! He says at SummerSlam, no amount of that can mean anything when he faces the Showstopper. King then asks Hogan about the promo that Michaels cut last week but before Hogan can answer, HBK butts in. HBK says for the first time in his career, Hogan will have to deal with the truth, deal with someone that does not sweat him. Not out here, back there, not anywhere. He will be the first guy not to buckle under the image of Hulkamania. What are they going to do? Fire him? He's been fired before, but they always bring him back and you want to know why? WWE doesa not exist without the Showstopper! King asks if Hogan can answer one question, but HBK says he is the realest thing on TV right now and at SummerSlam he is going to kick Hogan's teeth down his throat. He then goes on to say even if Hogan's false teeth are in the hotel room.. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING BROTHER! Hogan comes in and says if HBK wanted a match all he had to do was ask! He said instead he gave him a cheap shot. Hogan then mentions Bret Hart and the backstabbing. HBK looks angry at the comment. "You screwed Bret" chants start up. HBK tells the crowd "Don't you forget it!" Then he says Hogan is next! Hogan says every time HBK comes out to the ring it's for him. Hogan says when HBK left the WWE he lost his smile, but Hogan comes here for THEIR smile (the crowd). Hogan gets the crowd pumped up a bit. Hogan says if the people want him to kick Shawn Michael's ass, then he's going to do just that! Hogan says they are at the crossroads, where everyone has to ask themselves the question. What are you gonna do? It's clear Michaels is winning over some people. King asks HBK what he IS going to do. Michaels simply stares down Hogan before leaving the podium and giving Lawler a super kick! Hogan points at Michaels and Michaels fires on him. Hogan fights back and nails HBK with a big boot before tossing him out of the ring! Hogan removes his belt and stares Michaels down as Michaels looks a tiny bit shell shocked on his way up the ramp! The two men stare and mock each other as Raw goes off the air!


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