WWE RAW Results (8/29/05): Hardy/Edge Car Wreck; & More

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Date: Monday, August 29th, 2005
Location: The St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, FL
Results by PowerWrestling.com

We open up with a video package from last week s edition of RAW, looking at the firing of Chris Jericho after his defeat at the hands of WWE Champion, John Cena. Kurt Angle then hit the ring and brutally attacked Cena, and then Eric Bischoff announced him as the new number one contender to the WWE Championship. The fireworks then went off in the arena as Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and the Coach welcomed us live to Monday Night RAW!

In the arena:

The music of the Intercontinental Champion, Carlito, hit in the arena as he made his way down for the Cabana. Carlito did not look pleased as he got on the mic. He said now his good friend Chris Jericho has been fired, there is no more Highlight Reel, and that, that s cool! What s even cooler than that is his guest tonight, the one and only Shawn Michaels! The music of Michaels then hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring in a suit. Carlito said this is truly an honor, last week he had Ric Flair, but tonight, Carlito has the Icon, the Showstopper, HBK! Carlito said he has to admit that he admires Shawn. Michaels said he likes to think there is a lot to admire about himself. Carlito said the things Michaels has done have paved the way for guys like Carlito. He said it s ironic that Michaels is now a guest on HIS Cabana, here he is, the great HBK, standing in awe of Carlito because he is the Intercontinental Champion.

Carlito said he looked up to Shawn, and now Shawn looks up to Carlito. Michaels asked Carlito to be sympathetic for what he has been through the last few weeks, and can t handle any more ego, if you know what he means. Michaels asked Carlito how long ago he won the Intercontinental Title? The fans started a Hogan chant, and Michaels said until he needs another pay off, he ain t coming back! Michaels asked Carlito if people are talking about his matches, and the answer is no. Michaels said people are still talking about matches he had 10 years ago. Michaels said people are not talking about Carlito s matches, is because he hasn t had any to speak of! Michaels said it isn t the title that makes the man, it s the man that makes the title. Michaels asked the last time Carlito defended the title, and Carlito didn t know what to say. He said no one has the balls to face Carlito, even the 16 time World Champion, Ric Flair, backed down from Carlito. He said guys like Shawn need to learn there is a pecking order around here, a ladder so to speak, and Carlito s up at the top, and Shawn is down the bottom.

Carlito said that Shawn coming onto his show, and insulting the Intercontinental Champion&Carlito picked up an apple, and said that s not cool. Michaels told him if he even thinks about taking a bite out of the apple, he will kick it down his throat. Carlito told Michaels to relax, as Michaels took his jacket off. Carlito said Shawn should save the aggression, as he is not the only guest on the Cabana, his next guest is the man he will be facing in the Master Lock Challenge, ladies and gentlemen, the Masterpiece, Chris Masters! Master s made his way to the ring with a mic in hand. Masters said that Shawn Michaels may talk real tough, but let s see how tough he talks when he passes out to the Master Lock. Michaels said after 21 years of doing this&he then attacked Masters and Carlito but Masters raked the eye and he walked into a Carlito DDT. Masters called for the Master Lock as Michaels got to his feet, but then Ric Flair hit the ring and went to work on both Masters and Carlito. Michaels then got up and took over on Masters and sent him to the outside, as Flair did the same with Carlito. Michaels and Flair hugged as Masters and Carlito were sent packing!


Masters and Carlito are with Eric Bischoff backstage, shouting at him to do something about this. Bischoff said Master s has a Master Lock Challenge tonight, but he is going to postpone it till next week, and Masters and Carlito will face Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair in a tag team match, tonight!

Handicap Match
Referee: Chad Patton
The Big Show vs. Buck Quartermain and Steve Madison

The music of the Big Show hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for a Handicap Match, and he will be facing Steve Madison and Buck Quartermain.

The start:

Show caught one of them as he came off the top with a crossbody, and then went to work with chops on both men. Show hammered one guy down, and then chopped the other in the corner. Show gave one guy a beal and then chopped the other guy hard in the corner, and then gave him a beal too. Show gave them a double noggin knocker and sent them to the outside.

The Finish:

Show went to bring them in over the top, but they hotshotted him and started to go to work, and went for a double suplex, but Show reversed and hit a suplex on both men. Show took his strap down and laid them out with right hands, and then slammed one and back dropped the other. Show called the chokeslam and hit a double chokeslam on both men, and then covered them both for the win.

Winner – The Big Show

The Aftermath:

Snitsky hit the ring and tried to get a piece of Show, but Show tossed him out. Snitsky then came back in and laid Show out with a ring bell. Snitsky laughed and then hammered Show in the back of the head with it. Snitsky stood over Show with a big smile, and he has laid out the giant.

In the arena:

The music of Torrie Wilson hit in the arena, as she made her way to the ring with Candice Michelle, and last week, these two women attacked Diva Search Winner, Ashley. Torrie and Candice are both dressed the same. Torrie said last week, they surprised everyone by debuting on RAW, especially the person they initiated, Ashley. Candice said their actions may have been a little overwhelming, so they want to apologise out here in person. Torrie asked Ashley to come to the ring, and then her music hit and she made her way down. Candice said they are sorry for what happened last week, and asked for forgiveness. Ashley said after last week, she is a little sceptical, but she accepts. Candice said they are being completely honest, and now she is a RAW diva, they found a way to make it up to her. They know how she wants to be a wrestler, so they got permission for her to have her very first match tonight here in Tampa. Torrie said she knows she is just starting out, but they have confidence in her. Candice told her to learn her place, which is look pretty and shut her mouth. Torrie and Candice then introduced her opponent, Victoria.

Referee: Chris Kay
Ashley vs. Victoria

The match:

Ashley shoved Torrie and Candice down, and then hit a baseball slide on Victoria and hit her with right hands and nearly pops out, but Victoria sent her into the apron, and then tossed her in the ring. Victoria kicked Ashley in the mid section, and then nailed the Widow s Peak for the easy win.

Winner – Victoria

The Aftermath:

Torrie and Candice celebrated the victory with Victoria as Ashley is still down and out.

Cade and Murdock:

Another promo aired, hyping Cade and Murdock, saying they will be the next World Tag Team Champions.


Backstage, Alter Bridge is with Edge, singing and stuff. Grisham comes in and Edge calls him a dumbass. Edge said this is Alter Bridge, how dare he interrupt them. Grisham asked where Lita was, and Edge said she is running a little errand for him, and he feels great and finishes what he started at SummerSlam. Edge said he left one breath in his body, and tonight he takes it away. Edge said tonight, it will be the burial site of Matt Hardy s wrestling career.


Matt Hardy is shown in the hallway, getting psyched for the match. Lita then comes in, acting whorey. She said she spent a real long time warming Edge up, and she thought he should know. Lita strips down and exposes her chest. She asks him how if feels to know that he will never, ever, experience this again. By now she took off her jacket, and called him pathetic. She said as far as she is concerned, he can go to hell. Hardy starred at her, and said he is going to hell, but he isn t going alone, he s taking Edge with him!


Some guy runs into Michaels locked room, saying Flair is down. Flair is laid out, a bloody mess. Michaels wants to know who did it and Flair looks pretty messed up.

Referee: Jack Doan
Edge vs. Matt Hardy

The music of Edge hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with Lita, ready for his street fight with Matt Hardy.

The start:

They locked up and traded punches in the corner, with Hardy winning out. Hardy hammered away at Edge and went to the outside. Hardy tossed Edge into the crowd and followed him over and traded more right hands. They fought back to ringside, and Hardy hit a double axe handle off the guard rail onto Edge. Hardy went under the ring and pulled out a trash can lid and whacked Edge in the head with it. Hardy then pulled out a ladder and slid it into the ring, but Edge hit a baseball slide, sending the ladder into Matt s ribs as we went to commercial.

Mid-match notes:

Back on RAW and Hardy is hammering away at Edge with right hands. During the break, Edge went to crush Hardy in the ring post with the ladder but Hardy moved. Hardy also hit a superplex during the break. Back to live action as Edge fights back and went for a spear through the ropes but Hardy nailed him with the trash can lid. Hardy sent Edge into the ladder in the corner, and then splashed him into it. Hardy ascended the ladder and then Edge started to climb it and Hardy knocked Edge down with right hands and then Hardy hit his leg drop from the top of the ladder!

Hardy covered but Edge kicked up at two and half. Hardy went to the outside and grabbed a chair, and brought it into the ring and went to nail Edge, but Edge nailed him with a Kendo Stick, once in the mid section and once in the head. Edge slammed Hardy into the chair on the mat and then went outside and looked under the ring and pulled out another chair. Edge went for the con-chair-to but Hardy tripped him. Edge hit a flapjack on Hardy into the ladder which was standing in the corner. Edge went out again and grabbed the trash can lid, and nailed Hardy in the head with it repeatedly.

Edge nailed Hardy some more in the head with the trash can, as the referee checked on Hardy. Edge hit some stiff right hands on Hardy, right in the head and the referee checked on him again. Edge kicked Hardy square in the face, and Hardy was out. The referee went to call the match, but Hardy grabbed him and begged him not to. Edge pulled Hardy to the outside and put Hardy s head between the steps and the apron, and went to kick his head off but Hardy moved his head in time. Edge went for a DDT on the steps, but Hardy fought back and hit a DDT on the steps of his own!

Hardy rammed Edge s head into the steps again, and then grabbed a steel chair. Hardy went to nail Edge, but Lita hit him with the briefcase in the back. Lita is wearing barely nothing tonight. Hardy went after her, but Edge attacked him from behind. Hardy came back with right hands and then Edge hammered Hardy some more. Hardy sent Edge back into the ring and then grabbed the ladder and charged at Edge with it. Hardy then laid it on the mat, and pulled Edge on top of it before heading up top. Hardy came off with a moonsault but Edge moved, and Hardy crashed into the ladder!

Hardy is busted again, I only just noticed, so it could have happened earlier in the match. Back on the outside, and Edge hammered away at Hardy, and then got a trash can and nailed Matt in the back with it. Edge hammered Hardy in the head with the trash can as Lita looked on in approval. Hardy is swinging wildly, and neither can stand well. Edge and Hardy fought up the aisle and then Hardy tossed Edge into the RAW set. Hardy stared at Lita and went after her, and grabbed her by the hair. Hardy went to powebomb her off the stage, but Edge got him from behind and then went to slam Hardy off the stage! Hardy blocked and then Edge raked him in the eyes.

The Finish:

Hardy went for the Twist of Fate but Edge blocked. Edge went for the spear but Hardy side stepped. Hardy then hit the Side Effect off the stage and they both went crashing through the table, into electrical wires and there were explosions and stuff. The referee called for the power to be turned off as both men are down and out. EMT s made their way down and Coach and King went down to check on them. EMT s put a neck brace on Hardy, and he looks a mess. They pulled Hardy out of there, and Bischoff is out there too as we went to commercial.

Winner – No Contest

Back on RAW:

We are back live, and the EMT s are still working on Hardy and Edge. Both have neck braces on and Edge looks scared to death about his neck. We are now in the back as they scooted Hardy to the ambulance, and then Edge was scooted backstage. Ross and Lawler were acting all sombre, selling the situation as if it was pretty bad. We went to commercial again.

In the arena:

The music of the WWE Champion, John Cena, hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring. Cena got on the mic as the crowd chanted his name. Cena said his hair cut it too cheap, gas it too expensive, and last week he gets attacked by a blue and white Tasmanian devil. He saw nothing but arms and teeth, and that s the bad news. The good news? He just saved a bunch of money on his car insurance! And the great news? After last week, the champ is still here! Cena said Kurt Angle is now the number one contender for his WWE Championship. Cena said he has never backed down from a fight in his life, and he ll be damned if he starts tonight. Cena called Angle out to the ring and then his music hit as he made his way out to the stage. Angle said that he must have damaged Cena s brain last week&he s calling Angle out? Angle said he doesn t want none of him, and then took us to footage from last week on RAW when Angle attacked Cena to close the show. Angle said if Cena thinks he will get in the ring with him right now, he s dumber than he looks. Angle said there is no chance in hell of him risking his championship match. Angle said he was inducted in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, and won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken freakin neck. Angle said he has more ability in his little finger than Cena has in his whole body. Angle said that he is at the top of his game. He made Shawn Michaels tap at WrestleMania, he made Eugene tap at SummerSlam, and he made Shelton Benjamin tap last week on RAW.

Angle said that the reason he is on a roll, is because he is more vicious than he has been in his life, and he wants that WWE Title more than he ever has, and he doesn t give a damn about anyone or anything. Cena went to talk, but Angle told him to shut his mouth. Angle said at Unforgiven, he will make Cena tap out as well. Cena asked Angle if he said he won a gold medal&Cena said he didn t know that. Cena said he doesn t think he has much of a chance in this one, he thinks he s a bit over his head&but he s still calling Angle s ass out! Cena took off his shirt and then Angle slowly made his way towards the ring, but then stopped and walked off up the aisle. Angle then went down to ringside again, but again stopped before getting in the ring and Cena laughed. Cena said he forgot, last week, he knows that he likes to hit guys from behind. Cena said no one is judging Kurt&and then turned around with his back to Angle. Cena told Angle he can do whatever he wants, no one is watching them. Angle hit the ring and took Cena down from behind and locked in the Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring, but Cena kicked him off right through the ropes. Angle went to get back inside, but some referees held him back as Cena got fired up in the ring.

Referee: Chad Patton
Tyson Tomko vs. Rosey

The music of Tyson Tomko hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for action, and we are shown footage of his recent knock out wins on Sunday Night Heat. The Hurricane s music then hit, as he made his way down with Rosey as the Tag Team Champions, and Rosey will be competing here tonight.

The start:

The two locked up and Rosey scored with some right hands, but then Tomko nailed him with a clothesline and hit some knees and punches to the head. Tomko worked him over in the corner but then walked into an elbow. Rosey went to the middle rope and dived off, but Tomko kicked him right in the head on the way down, and he is out.

Winner – Tyson Tomko

The Aftermath:

The Hurricane got in the ring, but Tomko nailed him with a big boot too, and Tomko has laid out the World Tag Team Champions!

Update on Flair:

Ric Flair has been taken to the local hospital, and we are taken to footage from earlier in the night when Flair made the save for Shawn Michaels from Chris Masters and Carlito. Michaels and Flair were scheduled to take on Masters and Carlito here in the main event tonight. Ross said that Masters and Carlito will still team here tonight, but in a Handicap Match with Shawn Michaels, as per Eric Bischoff.

Handicap Match
Referee: Michael Chioda
Chris Masters and Carlito vs. Shawn Michaels

The music of Shawn Michaels hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for the main event, in a Handicap Match against both Chris Masters, and the current Intercontinental Champion, Carlito.

The start:

Michaels and Carlito kicked things off with a tie up, and Carlito tried to get Michaels into his corner, but Michaels escaped. Another lock up, and Michaels worked the shoulder but Carlito came back with right hands. A third tie up and Michaels grabbed a hammerlock but Carlito reversed. Michaels reversed back and then grabbed a side headlock. Carlito tried to trap Michaels in his corner, but Michaels held him off. Michaels ran the ropes and Masters went to grab the ankle but Michaels avoided it and then Carlito tagged in Masters.

Mid-match notes:

Masters and Michaels locked up and HBK hit some chops in the corner and sent Carlito off the apron. Another tie up and this time they get Michaels in the corner and Masters stomps away and Carlito gets some cheap shots in. Carlito tags in and kicks at the leg of Michaels and then works him over in the corner. Carlito scored with some chops, and then choked Michaels. Carlito hit a back elbow off an Irish whip for two, and then tagged Masters, and slammed Michaels head into Masters boot. Masters distracted the referee allowing Carlito to choke Michaels in the corner and then Masters covered for two.

Carlito tagged in again and then Michaels hit some chops in the corner and went for a shoulder thrust, but Carlito moved and Michaels smashed the ring post and then Carlito covered for two. Carlito nailed some right hands and then locked in a rear naked choke on the Heart Break Kid. Michaels back suplexed out of it and both men are down. Michaels nailed some chops and then hit a swinging neckbreaker. Michaels chopped at Carlito and then hit an atomic drop and a clothesline. Michaels nailed Masters off the apron and then clotheslined Carlito to the outside, and then skinned the cat to get back in, and then Masters charged at him and he got back dropped to the floor as we went to commercial!

Back on RAW, and Masters and Carlito are double teaming Michaels in the corner. Michaels tried to fight out and does so, and sends Masters to the outside, and then nails Carlito with some chops and hits a flying forearm, and then nips up. Michaels slammed Carlito and then headed up top. Michaels came off with the elbow drop and connected, and then started to tune up the band. Michaels went for it but Masters dragged him to the outside, and laid him out with a clothesline. Carlito then stomped Michaels on the outside and distracted the referee and Masters threw him back in and Carlito covered but Michaels kicked out.

Carlito choked Michaels in the ropes and then distracted the referee while Masters kicked him in the head. Carlito got frustrated and stomped at Michaels before tagging Masters. Masters hit a series of elbow drops on Michaels for a two and then drove his knee into the spine of Michaels. Masters hit a backbreaker and then held Shawn in position and hit another one, and then a third. Masters then laid Michaels across his leg, with his body contorted, looking for a submission. Michaels fought out with right hands and then nailed some chops and right hands. Masters sent Michaels hard to the corner, which sent Michaels upside down. Masters hit a Gorilla Press Slam, and then called for the Master Lock.

The Finish:

Masters went for it but Michaels hit some more right hands and chops, and then a huge DDT. Ric Flair then hit the ring with a bandage over his head, and called for the tag. Flair hit right hands on Masters and Carlito and then hit a chopblock on Masters. Flair hit right hands on Masters and went for the Figure Four, but Carlito gave him a low blow behind the back of the referee. Michaels sent Carlito to the outside and hit a plancha onto him, but Masters has Flair in the Master Lock in the middle of the ring. Flair began to fade and the referee called for the bell.

Winners – Chris Masters and Carlito

The Aftermath:

Michaels checked on Flair as Masters and Carlito celebrated their win, and next week, Shawn Michaels will face the Master Lock Challenge.

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