WWE SmackDown Results - 04 August 2005

Thanks to Buck Woodward of PWInsider.com for the following:

Smackdown for August 4th opened with a recap of Eddie Guerrero revealing Rey Mysterio's "secret" last week. Guerrero told the world that Rey's son, Dominic, was actually the child of Guerrero and a female he had an affair with when he was separated from his wife.

Rey Mysterio came to the ring to be the guest on Christian's new talk show segment, "The Peep Show". Christian talked about what happened last week, but Rey interrupted him, saying Christian had promised him that Eddie Guerrero would be there. Rey demanded that Christian bring out Eddie Guerrero. Christian introduced Eddie Guerrero, but Guerrero appeared on the screens, instead of coming to the ring. Eddie had a book titled "Eddie's Bedtime Stories", and was wearing his new "I'm Your Papi!" shirt. Guerrero said he was going to tell "Chapter 2" of his bedtime story. Rey yelled at Eddie to shut up from the ring. Eddie stopped reading, and said Rey was being rude, and needed to mind his manners. Guerrero promised to finish Chapter 2 by the end of the night, and remarked that Rey would "really like it". Christian then remarked "I think you will like this too" and hit Mysterio in the back of the head with the microphone. Christian then laid out Mysterio with the Unprettier.

The announcers reviewed the previous segment.

Jillian Hall appeared backstage for an interview. Hall said she had a blemish on her face, and it created a "blemish on her soul". However, Hall said she still carried herself with dignity, unlike others. Hall had the camera focus on her blemish, and said that fans should not look at her blemish when she comes to the ring. Hall said she was a "fixer" and that she was going to be fixing things for MNM. As she walked off, she went past Booker T and Sharmell. Booker T, after looking at the blemish, said "Tell me I just didn't see that".

MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro, with Melina and Jillian Hall) vs. Chris Benoit & Booker T, with Sharmell. Booker and Benoit started off working over Nitro, but Nitro backed Benoit into his corner and tagged in Mercury. Benoit hit some chops on Mercury, but Mercury caught him with a boot to the face, only to then run into a Benoit backbreaker. Benoit kicked away a backdrop attempt, decked Mercury, then slammed him and hit a powerdrive elbow. Benoit went for a Sharpshooter, but Nitro pulled Mercury to the floor to regroup as they went to break.

Back from break, Booker was chopping Mercury, who tagged in Nitro. Booker gave Nitro a hiptoss and a back kick for a two count, then delivered a reverse neckbreaker for a two count. Benoit tagged in and hit a knee to the gut, then a German suplex. Mercury ran in, and was given a German suplex. Benoit gave Nitro another German suplex, then wet him up on the top rope for a back superplex. Melina distracted the referee, and Mercury hooked Benoit's leg so Nitro would land on top of the superplex. Mercury tagged in and stomped Benoit in a corner. Nitro choked Benoit with the tag rope, then hit a running knee to the gut when he was tagged in. Nitro covered Benoit twice for two counts.

Benoit fought out of the corner, but Nitro gave him a drop toe hold and tagged in Mercury, who hit an elbowdrop for a two count. Nitro and Mercury kept Benoit on their side of the ring, and Nitro worked over Benoit with a chinlock. Benoit armdragged out of it and gave Nitro a released German suplex. Mercury ran in, but Benoit gave him an enzugiri and made the hot tag to Booker T. Booker cleaned house with punches and clotheslines. Booker gave Nitro a superkick and Mercury a Bookend, but Nitro broke up the cover. Benoit threw Nitro to the floor and put him in the Crippler Crossface. In the ring, Booker gave Mercury a flapjack and did the spinarooni. Booker went for the ax kick, but Melina grabbed his leg. Sharmell chased Melina into the ring, but Jillian tackled Sharmell. Booker pulled Jillian off of Sharmell, but that allowed Mercury to roll up Booker and hook the ropes for the pin at the fourteen minute mark. Winners: MNM.

The Raw Rebound was shown.

Backstage, Christian bragged to General Manager Theodore R. Long about how he had made an impact tonight, and how he should be in the main event. Long then put Christian in the main event tonight, against Rey Mysterio. Christian didn't seem happy with the decision by Long.

They showed a video recap of how JBL defeated The Undertaker (with the help of Randy Orton) to earn a Summerslam title match with World Champion Batista.

Theodore R. Long came to the ring with the official contract for the World Title match at Summerslam as they went to break.

Backstage, Josh Mathews tried to interview Randy Orton about jumping the Undertaker. Orton said he didn't jump Undertaker, he just did to him what Taker did, he stole something from him. Orton said he would make explain his actions in the ring later.

The official Summerslam contract signing took place, with JBL (accompanied by Orlando Jordan) and Batista. As Batista came to the ring, he ripped one of the horns off the hood of JBL's limo. Batista tossed the horn on the desk in the ring, and apologized for ripping it off. JBL said Summerslam was going to start right now, and Batista said "You talking to me?". They traded verbal barbs, with JBL promising victory, and Batista asking JBL if he believes "the crap that comes out" of his mouth. They continued to go back and forth, until Long got them to sit down and sign the contract. Batista signed the contract, leaving the stipulation blank. Batista said he didn't want JBL to have any excuses, so he was letting JBL pick the stip. JBL laughed, and after joking with Jordan about what type of match he would pick, JBL made it a No Holds Barred match. JBL left, and Batista posed with the World Title belt.

Road Warrior Animal was applying his facepaint in the back. Heidenreich came over and said he loved his new haircut. Animal noticed that Heidenreich was "feeling it", and passed his makeup kit to Heidenreich. Heidenreich picked up the brush as they went to break.

The announcers reviewed the announced matches for Summerslam.

WWE Tag Team Champions Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich vs. Damian Adams & Josh Daniels. Heidenreich had his facepainted. Animal and Heidenreich attacked at the bell, tossing Daniels to the floor. Animal gave Adams a powerslam, then tagged in Heidenreich, who tossed Adams into the corner with a chokeslam. Daniels tagged in and threw some ineffective clotheslines. Heidenreich hit a spinning side slam. Animal and Heidenreich hit clotheslines on Daniels in the corner, then finished him off with the Doomsday Device in less than a minute. Winners: Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich.

Randy Orton came to the ring and talked about how "fate" kept him from becoming a legend at Wrestlemania 21 (where he lost to The Undertaker). Orton said that fate had now brought him to Smackdown to get what he "needs", which is a win over The Undertaker. Orton said that The Undertaker is a legend, but he's "The Legend Killer". Orton said that Undertaker took away his chance at immortality, so he took away Undertaker's chance for a World Title match last week. Orton said he would not rest until he defeated The Undertaker and added him to the list of legends he defeated. Orton demanded a match with the Undertaker at Summerslam, and said he wanted an answer now. The lights went out, and "RKO" appeared on the video screen. Undertaker said that Orton wanted a "legacy" and at Summerslam, he would "Rest In Peace", as the letters on the screen changed to "RIP".

Eddie Guerrero greeted an arriving limo. A woman came out, who Eddie called "Anna". Anna said it was good to see Eddie, and Eddie said without her, there would be no "Chapter 2". Anna waved an envelope in her hand and said it was getting "hot" out there. Eddie put his arm around her and walked her into the arena.

Rey Mysterio vs. Christian. Rey attacked Christian as he got on the apron, hitting a springboard dropkick that sent him to the floor. Mysterio hit a pescado, then tossed Christian into the ring to officially start the match. Christian kicked Rey in the gut and whipped him hard into the corner, then did the same into the opposite corner. Rey slid under Christian's legs on a whip, then took Christian down and pounded him with right hands. Christian tried to toss Rey out of the ring, but Rey springboarded back in and hit a seated senton. Eddie and Anna walked out of the entranceway, and Tazz speculated that Anna was Dominic's biological mother. Rey was distracted by them coming out as they went to break.

Back from commercial, Christian worked over Rey with an abdominal stretch. Christian tried for a vertical suplex, but Rey rolled him into a small package for two. Christian kicked out, stomped Rey, and hit a shoulderblock to the ribs. Eddie and Anna were sitting at the end of the aisle, with Eddie holding his storybook. Christian dropped two headbutts to Rey's midsection, then applied a waistlock. Rey broke out and hit a neckbreaker. Christian dropped Rey gut first on the top rope twice, and gave him a knee lift the second time that sent Rey to the floor. Christian rammed Rey into the ringsteps. From the apron, Rey headbutted Christian in the gut and dropped him throat first across the top rope.

Rey went for a springboard, but Christian dropkicked him in the gut as he was in mid-air. Christian snapmared Rey to the mat and applied a Stretch Plum variation. Christian kicked Rey's mid-section, but Rey came back with a springboard bodyblock for two. Christian gave Rey a lariat for two and applied a side bearhug. Christian lifted Rey into a fireman's carry, but Rey rolled it down into a pinning position for two. Rey dropkicked Christian's legs out and then dropkicked him in the face for a two count. Christian lifted Rey, but Mysterio turned it into a rana for a two count. Rey missed a springboard bodyblock, and Christian hit a fallaway slam for a two count as they went to commercial.

Back from break, Rey hit Christian with a swinging DDT for two, but Christian came back with a knee to the gut. Christian went for the Unprettier, but Rey broke out and dropkicked Christian into 619 position. Rey hit the 619, then delivered a springboard legdrop to the back of Christian's neck for the win at the twenty minute mark. Winner: Rey Mysterio.

Rey got on the mic and told Guerrero to come down to the ring. Eddie said he wouldn't do that, because he has manners. Eddie introduced Anna, and said she would be helping him with "Chapter 2". Eddie gave Anna his storybook, and had Anna bring it to the ring and hand it to Mysterio. Guerrero said that either Rey would read Chapter 2, or Guerrero was going to read it himself. Rey opened the book, and took out a piece of blue paper. Rey was stunned by what he was looking at. Eddie said those were "official custody papers". Eddie said that next week, Rey had to bring Dominic, since Guerrero was "legally and biologically Dominic's true father". Eddie said he would give Rey "a chance" to keep Dominic, if he could prove that he truly loved him. Anna and Eddie discussed something off mic, with Anna looking concerned.

Rey said that he and his wife have raised Dominic for eight years. He said Dominic's first word was "Dad", and it was spoken to him. Rey talked about how he and his wife had raised Dominic, and how he "loved his son". Rey said that when Dominic was older, they were going to tell him the truth, but Guerrero had to open his "big mouth". Rey said that Dominic has not said a word since last week. Rey begged Eddie to not hurt Dominic anymore. Eddie acted emotional, and Anna whispered something in his ear. Eddie said that Rey "almost had him", and revealed that Anna was his attorney (not Dominic's mother). Eddie said Anna told him that Rey would try to convince him that he was Dominic's father. Eddie said that Rey has lied to Dominic all his life, proving he was an unfit father. Eddie said he would never lie to his daughters. Eddie said Dominic was the "son he longed for" and that he would carry on the "Guerrero legacy". Eddie said that Rey had to bring Dominic to him next week, and that we would have "Chapter 3", which Eddie called "Dominic comes home to Papi". Guerrero and Anna left, and Rey was breaking down in the ring as the show ended.