WWE SmackDown Results - August 25, 2005

Thanks to Buck Woodward and PWInsider.com for the following:

Smackdown for August 25th opened with a highlight package of the Smackdown-related matches at Summerslam.

We went to the ring, where Cowboy Bob Orton was standing. Orton said that his son, Randy, had "killed the legend of the Undertaker" and bragged about how proud he was of his son. Orton then introduced his son for his match.


Randy Orton vs. Hardcore Holly. They locked up, with Holly breaking clean the first time, then trying a chop the second, only for Orton to duck it. Orton grabbed a side headlock, and hit a shoulderblock when Holly shoved it off. Holly went for a chop again, but Orton dodged it. Holly grabbed a headlock, hit a shoulderblock, and charged Orton. Orton leapfrogged him, but Holly grabbed him for the Alabama Slam, only for Orton to jump away and go confer with his father. Orton grabbed a hammerlock, but Holly reversed it and grabbed a side headlock takedown. Orton reversed the hold, but Holly got to his feet. Orton tried a leapfrog in a corner, and Holly again grabbed him for the Alabama Slam, but Orton turned it into a sunset flip. Holly rolled through, hooked Orton's leg and put him in an STF, but Orton made the ropes. Orton took back over by throwing Holly through the ropes, and when Holly rushed back into the ring, Orton hit a dropkick and scored a two count. Orton put Holly in a neck vice and hit a series of forearms to Holly's chest.


Orton set up Holly on the top rope for a superplex, but Holly slapped him and kicked him to the mat. Holly went for a second rope elbowdrop, but Orton got a boot up and caught Holly in the face. Holly missed a chop, and Orton decked him with a forearm uppercut for a two count. Holly rallied with punches, but Orton hit a back elbow. They traded punches, and Holly hit a back elbow and a backdrop. Holly hit a full nelson slam for a two count. Holly delivered a top rope clothesline for another two. Holly hit a series of chops, then called for the Alabama Slam. Orton struggled out of it, and Cowboy Bob distracted Holly by getting on the apron. Orton grabbed Holly for the RKO, but Holly shoved it off and hit a dropkick for a two count. Holly bounced off the ropes, and Cowboy Bob hooked his leg. Holly was distracted again, and this time Randy was able to grab the RKO for the pin at the twelve minute mark. Winner: Randy Orton.

Backstage, a representative from "the network" introduced himself to Smackdown General Manager Theodore R. Long. He and Long talked about Smackdown moving to Friday nights starting on September 9th. The representative said he had an idea for the first Friday night show, World Champion Batista vs. JBL. Long agreed with the idea.


The Peep Show. Christian, in his wrestling gear, talked about having to clean up his set after what the Mexicools did last week, and pointed out to them that he was still here because "that's how he rolls". He then brought out his guests, Booker T & Sharmell. Christian said that Booker T was a five-time WCW Champion and a big star, but the "big stars get the tough questions". Christian asked if Booker and Sharmell were still on "speaking terms" after last week's argument following their loss to Joey Mercury & Melina. Christian had them air the footage from last week. Christian said Booker let his "non-wrestler" wife get beat up, and he is in the running for the "Ike Turner-Tommy Lee Husband Of The Year Award". Christian then said he was going to list the impressive things Booker T has done lately, but couldn't think of any. Christian asked what he had done lately, and Sharmell actually said it was a good question. Booker said he beat Christian at the Great American Bash and beat up Kurt Angle when he put his hands on Sharmell. Booker got mad at Sharmell for siding with Christian. Sharmell said Booker needs to start remembering "who he is".

As Booker was about to say who he is, the Mexicools rode out on their lawnmowers. Christian attacked Psicosis on the outside, and Super Crazy joined the fight. Juventud entered the ring, and shoved Sharmell as he went to tell his partners to toss Christian into the ring. Booker, after checking on Sharmell, tossed Psicosis and Super Crazy out of the ring, while Christian ran off Crazy. Booker and Christian gave each other an uneasy stare as the Mexicools backed down the aisle.


Jillian Hall introduced MNM, pointing out that they are on the cover of this month's Smackdown magazine.

Johnny Nitro, with Joey Mercury & Melina, vs. Heidenreich, with Road Warrior Animal. Nitro hit a kick to the gut to start, but Heidenreich grabbed him by the throat, punched him in the gut, and hit a kneelift. Nitro avoided a boot to the face, and went outside to regroup. Heidenreich grabbed him from the apron and hiptossed him back into the ring. Heidenreich missed a charge in the corner and hit a superkick for a two count. Heidenreich did his weird walk to psyche himself up out of a chinlock, then hit a shoulderblock and a clothesline. Heidenreich hit a side slam for a two count. Heidenreich slugged Nitro and worked him over with punches in the corner. Jillian Hall distracted the referee, and Melina distracted Animal, as Heidenreich set up Nitro for a superplex. Mercury ran in, and after being hit by Heidenreich once, went and got a steel chair and hit Heidenreich. However, the referee caught him and called for the bell at the four minute mark. Winner via DQ: Heidenreich.

Animal ran in, but Nitro hit him with a top rope dropkick. With both members of the tag team champions down in the ring, MNM headed down the aisle, smiling.


It was announced that Theodore R. Long had ordered a tag team match with Booker T & Christian vs. The Mexicools for later tonight.

The Raw Rebound was shown.

Josh Mathews interviewed Chris Benoit about his 25.5 second victory over Orlando Jordan at Summerslam. Benoit said he wondered how many things a person could do in 25.5 seconds. Benoit had them show the match, while he made a cup of coffee, seeing if he could finish before the match. On a split screen, the match aired on half, while Benoit made a cup of coffee. Benoit took his first sip as Jordan tapped out, and Benoit joked that he "won again" and started laughing.

In the locker room, JBL ripped on Jordan for losing to Benoit so fast. Jordan tried to make excuses for his loss, but JBL (who was happy about getting a title shot in two weeks) didn't want to hear it, and told Jordan he needed him tonight (in the six-man tag).

Christian & Booker T, with Sharmell, vs. Super Crazy & Psicosis, with Juventud. They started brawling at the start, with Psicosis getting tossed out of the ring. Christian choked Super Crazy with his T-Shirt and them powerslammed him and knocked Psicosis off the apron. Christian went for Juventud, but that allowed Super Crazy to hit him from behind. Christian gave him a fallaway slam, and Booker tagged in off Christian's back. Christian seemed annoyed, but still held Crazy so Booker could chop him. Crazy poked Booker in the eyes and tagged Psicosis. Christian tagged back in, but Psicosis threw him shoulder first into the ringpost. Psicosis went to work on the arm, and tagged in Crazy, who hit a second rope dropkick for two. Crazy held Christian against the top rope so Psicosis could jump off it to the floor, yanking Christian's throat across the top. Super Crazy went for a cover, but Booker broke it up. The Mexicools kept Christian in their corner, but Christian mounted a comeback, only for Psicosis to hit him with a spin kick. Crazy went for a moonsault, but Christian moved out of the way and Crazy crashed to the mat. Booker got the hot tag and superkicked Psicosis and clotheslined Crazy. Booker hit a sidekick on Psicosis and gave Crazy a spinebuster. Juventud grabbed Booker from the apron to stop his momentum. Sharmell started to yell at Christian to get in the ring, which Christian didn't take kindly to, and he started arguing with her. Booker shot Christian a look, and Christian threw up his hands and walked away. This distracted Booker, and Psicosis and Super Crazy hit him with a double back suplex for the win at the six minute mark. Winners: The Mexicools.


Post-match, Christian watched from the aisle, pointing to his bloodied nose, and walked away, while in the ring, Sharmell complained to a silent Booker T.

Josh Mathews interviewed Randy Orton about his win over The Undertaker at Summerslam. Randy said the Ortons (his father joined him) killed the legend of The Undertaker. Randy said that to prove he wasn't heartless, he and his dad had autographed a copy of Undertaker's new DVD, and that they would sell it on WWE.com, with the proceeds going to the "Undertaker Retirement Fund".

Backstage, the network representative told Long that he liked Randy Orton. Long said he was heading to the ring to make a major announcement. The representative asked what it was, and Long said he would find out when everyone else did.

After commercial, Theodore R. Long announced that we would be having a Lingerie Pillowfight, and introduced the new Smackdown Divas, Stacy Keibler and Christy Hemme. Before the women could disrobe, Cyr... er, the Network Representative came out and interrupted. He said this was "not acceptable" and that the "demographic they are trying to attract" doesn't want to see a Lingerie Pillowfight. He cancelled the match, and walked off. They went to commercial as the fans booed.


(The match is available on WWE.com, for those that want to check it out).

Ken Kennedy vs. Sho Funaki. Kennedy took the microphone from ring announcer Tony Chimel and said his introduction was "unacceptable". Kennedy then made the introductions for the match, making fun of Funaki's lack of English knowledge and "number one announcer" gimmick. He introduced himself as "Mr. Kennedy". They locked up, and Kennedy backed Funaki into the corner and playfully messed up his hair. Funaki then ducked a slap, hit Kennedy with a slap of his own, and dodged Kennedy as he charged him in the corner. Funaki hit an armdrag, but missed a cross bodyblock and Funaki fell to the floor. Kennedy told the fans to move out of the way so he could throw Funaki into the audience, then turned and threw him into the ring instead. Kennedy slammed Funaki, but when he went for a splash, Funaki got the knees up. Funaki hit a shot to the gut, but Kennedy blocked a backdrop attempt. Funaki dodged a kick and hit an enzugiri. Funaki got on the second rope and went for a tornado DDT, but Kennedy held him up and crotched him on the top rope. Kennedy then put Funaki in a fireman's carry and did a forward roll off the second rope into a Samoan Drop for the pin at the three minute mark. Winner: Ken Kennedy.


Kennedy announced himself as the winner following the match.

Batista, Rey Mysterio & Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero, John Bradshaw Layfield & Orlando Jordan. JBL (his ribs taped) and Orlando entered first, then Guerrero came out, his left arm heavily taped. Guerrero and JBL didn't seem happy to be teaming together. Benoit, Mysterio and Batista made separate entrances. Benoit started off against Jordan. Orlando charged and the two rolled around on the mat exchanging punches. Jordan hit some knees to the gut, but was caught in a German suplex. Batista and Mysterio hit shots from the apron, and Benoit grabbed his arm for the Crossface, but Orlando rolled out to the floor. The fans chanted "You tapped out" at Jordan. Jordan regrouped with JBL on the outside as they went to break.

Back from break, Eddie Guerrero was working over Mysterio in a corner with lefts and rights. We saw that during the break, Eddie had broken up a 619 attempt on Orlando Jordan. Mysterio had his ribs taped up. Eddie hit Rey with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then went for a back suplex, but Rey flipped over him. Rey hit a bulldog out of a bodyscissors, and Guerrero crawled to his corner and tagged JBL. JBL called for Batista, who wanted the tag. Mysterio made the tag, and Batista came in and traded punches with JBL. Batista hit a shoulderblock, and backdropped Orlando, who ran in. Batista pressed Guerrero and threw him into Orlando, then hit shoulderblocks on JBL in the corner. Benoit tagged in and stomped JBL in the corner, then hit some chops. JBL poked Benoit in the eyes and went for a vertical suplex, but Benoit blocked it and hit one of his own. Benoit went for the Sharpshooter, but JBL kicked it away, and Jordan pulled down the top rope so Benoit would fall out of the ring. Jordan threw Benoit into the ringpost and slugged him down on the floor. Batista ran him off, but the referee made him back up.


Jordan rolled Benoit into the ring, and JBL got a two count. JBL worked over Benoit with punches in a corner, then hit a boot to the face. JBL gave Benoit a Russian legsweep, then tagged in Guerrero, who covered Benoit twice for two count. Guerrero applied an abdominal stretch, and had Jordan give him leverage. They switched places without a tag (Guerrero clapped to make it sound like they did) and Jordan then applied the stretch with Guerrero adding leverage. Benoit hiptossed out, but Jordan kept him from tagging and brought in JBL. JBL slugged Benoit to the mat twice, but Benoit fired back with chops and forearms. Guerrero choked Benoit with the tag rope when JBL backed him into his corner. Guerrero gave Benoit a slingshot somersault senton, then worked him over in a corner, whipping him hard into the opposite turnbuckles. Jordan, JBL and Guerrero kept tagging in and out, working over Benoit. JBL put Benoit in a bear hug, but Benoit headbutted and kneed out of it. JBL missed a charge in the corner, and Benoit gave him a drop toe hold. Benoit gave JBL an enzugiri and made the hot tag to Batista, just as Jordan tagged in.

Batista gave Jordan a clothesline in the corner, and knocked JBL and Guerrero off the apron. Batista gave Jordan a spinebuster and called for the Batista Bomb. Guerrero ran in and dropkicked Batista. Benoit gave Guerrero a German suplex and went for the Sharpshooter. JBL broke that up, Guerrero fell to the floor, and Mysterio gave JBL a springboard senton. Benoit gave JBL a forearm, and Batista clotheslined him out of the ring. Mysterio gave Orlando a 619, then Benoit gave him a German suplex, then Batista finished off Jordan with a Batista Bomb at the sixteen minute mark. Winners: Batista, Chris Benoit & Rey Mysterio.