WWE SummerSlam Results (8/21/05): Hogan/HBK, Edge/Hardy, More!

Event: WWE SummerSlam Pay Per View Results
Date: Sunday, August 21st, 2005
Location: The MCI Center in Washington, D.C.
Results by PowerWrestling.com

WWE SummerSlam Opener:

We go straight to the arena as the United States Navy Ceremonial Guard is here and Lilian Garcia is going to sing the National Anthem. A big USA chant then breaks out as we go to the opening video for SummerSlam! The fireworks then go off in the arena as Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler and the Coach welcome us to the show. We then go over to Michael Cole and Tazz from Smackdown, and all three sets of announcers are ringside tonight.

United States Championship Match
Referee: Jim Korderas
Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan (c)

The music of Chris Benoit hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for his shot at the United States Championship against Orlando Jordan, and this is a rematch from the Great American Bash!

The Match:

They locked up and Benoit backed Jordan to the corner but Jordan got a cheapshot in and then Benoit unloaded with a German suplex and then locked in the crossface in the middle of the ring and this is over already!

Winner, and new United States Champion, Chris Benoit

The Aftermath:

Benoit celebrated his win, and this has to be some sort of new record.


Eddie Guerrero is shown backstage and his wife comes in. He said he s done talking, but she is not. She said this is not about Dominick, this is about him winning against Rey. Eddie said it s all about his love for Dominick. She said he couldn t care less about Dominick. He said he needs someone to continue to legacy, and called her crazy. She said she loved him with all her heart, and then kissed him. She said he has a heart of gold, but this person will not allow you to defeat Rey or hurt his family. Eddie shouted at her for not thinking he can beat Rey. He said he will prove to everybody that he can beat Rey, and told her to get out of here.

Matt Hardy vs. Edge

We are taken to a video package looking at the goings on between Edge, Matt Hardy and Lita, and this one is personal folks, hah.

The start:

They brawled on the outside and Hardy drilled Edge into the guardrail and then into the apron. Hardy hammered away at Edge and then tossed him inside. Hardy tried to choke Edge out but Edge got in the ropes. Edge rolled to the outside and Hardy followed out with right hands and then tossed him back inside.

Mid-match notes:

Hardy hit some stiff rights in the corner but then Edge came back with a headbutt. Edge gave Hardy some right hands and this looks pretty stiff. Edge speared Hardy from the apron through the ropes to the outside and then tossed him back inside. Edge walked into a huge right hand from Hardy and then did some mounted punches in the corner, but then Edge dropped him face first onto the top of the ring post and Matt crashed to the outside! Sick!

The Finish:

Edge hammered away at Hardy, and Hardy is busted wide open. Edge continued the assault with right hands and knees and then kicked him right in the head. Hardy is out of it and the referee then called for the bell out of nowhere, and apparently he has decided that Matt Hardy cannot continue or defend himself.

Winner – Edge

The Aftermath:

Matt is helped to the back by the referees and he is bleeding profusely.

Ladder Match
Winner Gets Custody of Dominick
Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

The briefcase with the custody papers is shown hanging above the ring and then the music of Eddie Guerrero hits. Eddie checks out the ladder on his way to the ring and Dominick is in the front row with the care worker. Eddie goes over to him before the match and Dominick pulled away from him. Rey Mysterio then made his way down and he has a new outfit on. Rey looks tiny next to the ladder, and he went over and hugged Dominick before the match.

The start:

Mid-match notes:

Rey hit a seated senton over the top to the outside onto Guerrero. Rey went back inside and started to climb the ladder but Eddie came in behind and started to climb the other side. Rey and Eddie traded right hands on top of the ladder and Eddie has the briefcase! Rey hammered him with right hands to the gut and then Eddie went for a sunset flip powerbomb but he slipped and Rey went crashing off the ladder and landed on the back of his neck. Eddie then grabbed the ladder and sent it into the ribs of Mysterio, and then crushed him with it in the corner.

Eddie hit a dropkick into the ladder which Rey was holding and then slammed him onto it. Eddie sandwiched Rey between the two ladders and then hit a hilo onto the ladders crushing Rey. Eddie slammed the ladder into Rey in the corner and then grabbed the other ladder and set it up and started to climb it but Rey leant the other ladder onto that ladder and climbed up it quickly and then Rey backdrops Eddie off the ladder onto the other ladder leaning on it and both men crash to the mat!! Holy s–t! Rey set up the ladder and started to climb but Eddie dropkicked it.

Rey came back with kicks to the ribs and then Eddie sent Rey ribs first into the ladder which was sitting on the top turnbuckle. Sick. Eddie set up the ladder and started to ascend it but then Dominick got in the ring and started to shake the ladder, but he couldn t move it. Eddie looked down at him and then walked down the ladder. Eddie shouted at Dominick and told him to give him a hug. Dominick wouldn t do it and then Rey exploded on Eddie with right hands and then a back drop. Eddie went to send Rey into the ladder, but Rey blocked and Eddie went crashing into the ladder. Rey then hit a 619 into the ladder and Eddie and then put the ladder on Eddie and dropped the dime onto the ladder with Eddie under it!

Rey set up the ladder over Eddie and started to climb it but Eddie climbed up behind and got him on his shoulders, but Rey flipped over and hit a powerbomb off the ladder! Mysterio started to climb and Dominick is smiling. Rey got the briefcase but Eddie kicked the ladder away and Rey was dangling and then fell and Eddie caught him with a powerbomb on the way down! Eddie then set up the ladder over the fallen Mysterio and trapped him under it before starting to climb. Rey is trapped under it as Eddie mocked him and started grabbed the briefcase but he couldn t get it off and then Rey started to shake the ladder and now Eddie is dangling. Rey then yanked him down.

The Finish:

Eddie gave Rey the three amigos with the third onto the ladder. Eddie set up the ladder again and started to climb again and then his wife Vicky ran down to the ring. Eddie grabbed the briefcase and Vicky is in the ring and started shouting at him. She then tipped the ladder over and Eddie clotheslined himself on the top rope! She can t believe what she did and stands shocked in the corner as Rey sets the ladder up and started to climb but Eddie grabs the ladder. Vicky then pulled Eddie away from the ladder and Rey fell down with the briefcase in his hands, and Rey has won!

Winner – Rey Mysterio

The Aftermath:

Dominick got in the ring and hugged his dad as Eddie can t believe what happened. Rey s wife Angie came down and she is crying and she hugs Rey and Dominick. Eddie throws the ladder around in the ring and he s livid. Rey then got back in the ring with the briefcase and levelled Eddie with it.


Chris Jericho is backstage with Todd Grisham. Todd asks him what his mindset is here tonight? Jericho said Cena s music is the time is now, and the time is now for Chris Jericho to become the WWE Champion. He said everyone can feel it, and all of Cena s fans will discard him and throw him to the side when Jericho wins tonight. He said he is Chris Jericho, he beat the Rock and Steve Austin in the same damn night to become the first Undisputed Champion ever! He said he is a legendary figure, and Cena had a great run as champ, but tonight when Jericho beats Cena and straps the title around his waist, all the Jerichoholics and Eric Bischoff can have a champion they can be proud of.

Olympic Gold Medal Match
No Time Limit
Referee: Michael Chioda
Kurt Angle vs. Eugene

The music of Eugene hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with Christy Hemme, and he is set to put his Olympic Gold Medal on the line against the rightful owner, Kurt Angle. This match will have no time limits.

The start:

Angle went right after Eugene and elbowed him in the face and then hit some uppercuts and stomps in the corner. Angle threw Eugene down hard by the hair and then went for a clothesline, but Eugene came back with a spinebuster. Eugene went for a People s Elbow but Angle exploded with a clothesline for two. Angle hammered away at Eugene, and Angle is getting cheered here with Eugene getting booed. Angle hit a couple of German s and then choked Eugene with his knee.

The Finish:

Angle choked Eugene with his foot and then sent him headfirst to the corner but then Eugene started to get pissed and unloaded with right hands on Angle, and then hit the Rock Bottom for a near fall. Eugene went for a Stunner but Angle blocked and went for the Angle Slam but Eugene floated over and hit the Stunner for two. Eugene then pretended to be Angle and locked him in the Ankle Lock but Angle countered sending Eugene into the buckle. Angle then hit the Angle Slam and locked in the Ankle Lock and Eugene tapped out.

Winner – Kurt Angle

The Aftermath:

Angle went over and grabbed a steel chair and then Christy got in the ring and tried to protect Eugene, but then Angle tossed Eugene to the outside and stood on the chair as if it were a podium and got the referee to put the medal around his neck.


Torrie Wilson, Maria, Ashley, Stacy Keibler and Candice Michelle are shown washing a car backstage, like in the SummerSlam commercial. Maria is in a hot little pink thong, while they zoom in on Stacy's ass. Very hot stuff. It s a presidential limo, and then Vince is shown in it and says Hey, why not! and there is a bumper sticker on the back saying McMahon For President! Funny!

The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton

The music of the Undertaker hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring for this WrestleMania rematch with the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

The start:

Taker stalked Orton and Orton slid to the outside for a rethink. They locked up and Taker shoved Orton to the mat, and then Orton walked right into a slap from Taker. Orton tried to avoid Taker s punches and then grabbed a side headlock but Taker whipped him to the ropes and knocked him down with a shoulderblock for two. Taker then locked in a side headlock of his own and Orton grabbed the hair and tossed him to the ropes but Taker came back with another shoulderblock. Orton scored with a hip toss and then a clothesline but then Taker levelled him with a big boot for two.

Mid-match notes:

Taker locked in a key lock on Orton and then worked over the shoulder of Orton. Taker then went for Old School but Orton then armdragged him off the top rope for two. Orton gave Taker some uppercuts and right hands in the corner but then Taker grabbed him by the throat and tossed him to the corner and hit some huge right hands of his own. Taker whipped Orton to the corner and charged in but Orton got his boot up. Orton then charged at Taker but got hit with a big boot to the face for two. Taker hammered the back of Orton and then hit a flying clothesline for another two count.

Taker hit some big right hands in the corner and then scared the referee away. Taker charged in with a knee to the gut in the corner before continuing his beatdown with more right hands and elbows. Taker whipped Orton to the other corner and charged in but Orton moved and Taker went crashing into the corner leg first. Orton kicked at the hanmstring but Taker knocked him down with a back elbow, and then Orton snapped off a nice DDT for two when Taker got his foot on the ropes. Orton then jumped up and down on the leg of the Deadman and then went outside and whacked it into the apron.

Orton snapped Taker s leg around the ring post and then got back inside and Taker is having trouble getting to his feet. Orton stomped the knee and then kicked at the hamstring some more before driving his elbow into it. Orton gave Taker a knee drop for a two and then Taker came back with right hands to the mid section but then Orton kicked him right in the face for two. Orton worked over Taker s leg in the corner wrapping it around the ropes but Taker came back with elbows and right hands. Orton came back with a big powerslam for a near fall and then leg laced the leg in the middle of the ring, putting more pressure on the knee of the Deadman. Taker reversed and drove the knee of Orton into the mat.

The Finish:

Orton went for the RKO but Taker tossed him away and then went for the Tombstone but Orton countered and went for his own Tombstone and they kept reversing and then Orton hit his modified neckbreaker on the Deadman for two. Orton hammered at the chest of Taker and then went up top and hit a flying crossbody but Taker rolled through and grabbed Orton by the throat and nailed a chokeslam! Some dude in a white suit and red cap ot in the ring and security got rid of him. Taker then hit the RKO out of nowhere on Taker and covered and Orton wins!

Winner – Randy Orton

The Aftermath:

Orton went after the guy who got in the ring, and he took off his disguise and it s Randy s dad Cowboy Bob Orton! Taker then went after them as they ran up the aisle.

WWE Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. John Cena (c)

The music of Chris Jericho hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for his shot at the WWE Championship against John Cena.

The start:

They got face to face and then locked up with no one getting an advantage. Another lock up and Jericho grabbed a side headlock but Cena whipped him off and Jericho came back with a shoulderblock. Cena then exploded with right hands and then the two traded chops. Jericho hit a splash in the corner and then took Cena down and kicked him around on the mat. Jericho slapped Cena in the ropes and then hit a spinning heel kick. Jericho went for his springboard dropkick but Cena ducked and Jericho crashed to the floor.

Mid-match notes:

Cena tossed Jericho back inside and hit an elbow in the corner and then sent Jericho head first to the buckle. Cena charged at Jericho in the corner, but Jericho hit a dropkick and then unloaded with mounted right hands. Jericho chopped Cena and then worked him over in the corner with kicks before hitting a vertical suplex for two. Jericho then hit a baseball slide dropkick and locked in a rear chin lock. Jericho and Cena traded right hands and then Jericho tossed Cena through the ropes to the outside. Jericho hit a dropkick off the apron onto Cena and then choked him with a cable on the outside before tossing him back in.

Jericho perched Cena on the top turnbuckle and then gave him some right hands and mounted off to Cena before scoring with a superplex from the top and then covered for a near fall. Jericho then pinned him again but Cena again kicked out. Jericho hit some right hands in the corner and then whipped him to the other corner and charged in but Cena got his boot up. Cena came back with a back drop and then some clotheslines but missed a flying shoulder tackle. Jericho then gave Cena a bulldog and went for the Lionsault but Cena moved and Jericho landed on his feet. Jericho then went into a victory roll and attempted to lock in the Walls of Jericho, but Cena kicked him off and Jericho crashed to the outside.

Cena went up top and hit a legdrop to the back of Jericho s head as he was re-entering the ring through the middle ropes. Cena covered but only got two when Jericho got his foot on the ropes. The fans are chanting Let s go Jericho by this point. Cena went for the FU, but Jericho countered into a DDT for a near fall. Jericho kicked Cena and then gave him a backbreaker and driving elbow drops to the kidney area. Let s go Cena! Let s go Jericho! chants fill the arena now. Awesome. Jericho choked Cena over the bottom rope and then the middle rope. Cena then came back with a huge clothesline and both men are down.

The Finish:

Jericho and Cena traded right hands with Cena getting the better. Cena hit a clothesline, followed by another, and then hit the throwback followed by his modified spinebuster. Cena went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Jericho moved and locked in the Walls of Jericho! Cena writhed in pain as he tried to fight towards the ropes, and then Jericho pulled him back in. The crowd are going nuts by the way. Cena again fights towards the ropes this time he makes it. The crowd boos more than cheers. Jericho stomped Cena in the head and then went up top but Cena caught him and hit some right hands and then went for the FU from the top and then Jericho hit a superplex after reversing for a close fall! Jericho then charged at Cena, but Cena caught him on his shoulders and hit the FU for the win!

Winner and still WWE Champion, John Cena

The Aftermath:

Cena celebrated his victory after overcoming the odds and pulling out the win here tonight.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
No Holds Barred Match
Referee: Nick Patrick
John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Batista (c)

The music of John Bradshaw Layfield hit in the arena as he made his out to the arena in his limo and he is set for this No Holds Barred Match for the World Heavyweight Title against the man he beat by disqualification at the Great American Bash, Batista. $100 bills fell from the skies with JBL s face on it.

The start:

JBL went after Batista as he made his entrance but Batista came back sending JBL into some boxes. Batista hit some right hands and then sent him into some more boxes, and hit him in the head with a fire extinguisher. Batista hit some mounted punches on the floor but then JBL came back, whipping Batista into a steel case shoulder first. JBL gave Batista some right hands and we are now in the crowd. Batista came back with right hands of his own and then JBL grabbed a chair and nailed Batista with it. Batista then charged at JBL and speared him through the barricade into the ringside area!

Mid-match notes:

JBL came back sending Batista shoulder first into the ring post. Now in the ring, and JBL nailed Batista with a clothesline followed by an elbow and kicks to the body. JBL hit some right hands in the corner and he then grabbed a belt from the timekeeper at ringside. JBL whipped the back of Batista much like he did to Funaki this past week on Smackdown. JBL then choked Batista with the belt and the champion starts to fade but then fights out with a back suplex. Batista now has the belt and whips JBL with it across the back and then hits some shoulder thrusts in the corner.

Batista ran into a JBL big boot in the corner, and then JBL exploded with the Clothesline from Hell but JBL kicked out at the last second. JBL goes to the outside and dismantles the ring steps and tosses the top half of them into the ring. JBL got Batista on the steps and signals for a powerbomb, but Batista back dropped out of it. JBL keeps control with a kick to the head and then charged at Batista, but Batista caught him with a spinebuster and then shook the ropes. Batista went for the Batista Bomb and scored with it and then went to cover but stopped.

The Finish:

JBL got Batista on the steps and signals for a powerbomb, but Batista back dropped out of it. JBL keeps control with a kick to the head and then charged at Batista, but Batista caught him with a spinebuster and then shook the ropes. Batista went for the Batista Bomb and scored with it and then went to cover but stopped. Batista grabbed JBL and then hit the Batista Bomb onto the steps for the win!

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion, Batista

The Aftermath:

Batista celebrated his win in his hometown and then grabbed one of the $100 bills and ripped it in two.

Icon vs. Legend
Referee: Michael Chioda
Shawn Michaels vs. Hulk Hogan

The music of the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels hit in the arena as he made his way out to the ring for the main event of the night. This is Michaels tenth SummerSlam, and he has never lost a one on one match at this event. The crowd then chanted for Hogan before his music hit and he made his way down to a monster pop. A huge American flag lowered in front of the entrance way as he made his way to the ring.

The start:

They locked it up and Hogan threw Michaels down to the mat. They locked up again and Hogan again shoved Michaels down, and then pushed him down. Michaels was getting pissed as the fans chanted You Screwed Bret at Michaels. They tied up again and Michaels worked the arm and then grabbed a side headlock but Hogan reversed into one of his own and then hit a shoulderblock off the ropes sending Michaels to the outside.

Mid Match Notes

Back inside and they locked up again with Michaels kicking the knee and then chopping Hogan in the corner. Hogan then whipped Michaels to the corner, and Michaels landed across the top turnbuckle and Hogan kept kicking him and Michaels straddled himself over the ropes and then Hogan took over with right hands. Michaels came back with a thumb to the eye and then hit some more chops and right hands in the corner. Hogan came back with a clothesline, and then sent Michaels over the top to the outside.

Michaels got on the apron and Hogan flipped him back in and then whipped him to the ropes and hit a running clothesline. Hogan with some right hands but then Michaels came back with one of his own and then hit more chops in the corner before going to send Hogan headfirst to the buckle but Hogan blocked it and then Michaels slapped him, and then slapped him again before chopping away at he chest of Hogan some more. Hogan came back sending Michaels to the corner and Michaels flipped upside down and then slapped Hogan again but Hogan then nailed Michaels sending him off the apron to the outside, and Hogan followed out.

Hogan slammed Michaels onto the Spanish Announce Table and then hammered away on him with right hands. Hogan whipped Michaels into the ring post and then went to ram Michaels into the ringpost again, but Michaels floated out and pushed Hogan headfirst into it. Michaels threw Hogan into the ringpost again before hammering him with right hands. Michaels tossed Hogan back inside and hit some mounted punches in the corner but Hogan threw him off. Michaels came back with more mounted punches right above the eye and Hogan threw him off again.

Hogan is busted open from the right hands of Michaels and is bleeding pretty bad. Michaels hammered him some more and Hogan is a mess. Michaels sent Hogan to the ropes and then caught him in a sleeper hold. Hogan began to fade and he is really bleeding badly, with blood dripping over the arm of Michaels in the sleeper. Hogan s hand dropped twice but he stopped the third and escaped with a back suplex. Michaels sent Hogan to the ropes and then nailed a flying forearm and then nipped up and headed up top and came off with the elbow drop but Hogan moved and started to Hulk up.

Hogan nailed right hands and then went for a big boot but Michaels went flying into the referee and the boot and everyone is down. Michaels nipped up again and went up top but then changed his mind and locked in the Sharpshooter on Hogan right in the middle of the ring. Another referee hit the ring as Hogan clawed towards the ropes. Michaels pulled Hogan back towards the middle of the ring and clawed towards the ropes again and this time he makes it. Michaels went for it again but Hogan kicked him off and Michaels went flying into the referee and the new referee is now down.

Michaels then went to the outside and grabbed a steel chair and nailed Hogan hard in the head with it. Michaels then went up top and this time scored with the elbow drop. The referee started to come around as Michaels started to tune up the band. Michaels went for the Sweet Chin Music and nailed Hogan with it and covered but Hogan kicked out! Hogan started to Hulk Up and went after Michaels. Michaels punches had no effect and then Hogan nailed him with some right hands of his own and then hit the big boot. Hogan then nailed the legdrop and this one is over.

Winner – Hulk Hogan

After the match, Shawn Michaels shook Hogan's hand and said he needed to know and he found out. The two shook hands and the show ended.