Brooke Hogan Feud, RAW/SmackDown! Rescheduled; & More News

Credit: PWInsider and Adam Lebow

Monday Night Raw on September 26th has been moved from Biloxi, Mississippi to Waco, Texas and the Smackdown taping on September 27th has been moved from New Orleans, Louisiana to Laredo, Texas.

The preview for the Hogan Knows Best season finale states "After 25 years on the road wrestling, Hulk has always had an outlet for his energy and aggression by body-slamming people nightly. Now that he's home, he's bored and antsy — and driving his family nuts. Brooke, Nick and Linda all try to find Hulk a hobby. First Hulk tries golf at an exclusive country club — but he's much too tense for that. Next he tries tennis, but ends up drinking beer on the court with a buddy. Finally, Brooke suggests Pilates..."

Speaking Brooke, she was quoted by a number of media outlets as saying she doesn't like Lindsay Lohan and doesn't want to beat her up but if she had to, she could.

The Hard Rock Cafe in New York City, which is housed at the site of the old WWE World complex, has already had a soft opening for its restaurant.