Edge Responds To Internet Fans & Matt Hardy

From WWE.com:

So WWE.com has asked, finally, for my version of the events in the "sordid" affair of Edge-Lita and Matt Hardy.

Matt has also stepped back up on his soap box to preach once again. At least that won't be repetitive (Yes, that's sarcasm dripping from the end of this sentence). I'm still of the opinion that it's no one's business but the people involved. But we're in the public eye, so Matt felt he needed to tell the masses about our situation, which somehow validated his behavior.


It s admittedly a bad situation, but it s a bad situation to be handled in an adult way. Matt handled it in adolescent fashion and got fired. I never wanted him to be fired, and yes, I did approach Vince McMahon to tell him I would not be opposed to Matt coming back. It has never been mentioned that I offered to fly to North Carolina, head over to Hardy's house and settle this however we had to face to face, one on one before it came to this.

That offer was declined.

I could divulge the other side to this story, which isn t really the "right" side, or the "wrong" side. I've learned these situations aren t just black and white; there are far too many shades of gray. However, I've accepted my role as the Angelina Jolie of WWE to Matt's Jennifer Anniston (and let's face it Angelina s way hotter, although I never thought I'd compare myself to her). But when it comes to this story at this point, as cold as it sounds, does it really matter any more?


Matt has once again ranted, raved and whined like a little schoolgirl. He s throwing around "shoot" comments to appease all of you in the Internet community the same people he turned to for "support." Let's face it. That was self-promotion the likes of which rivals Donald Trump. Now that some have turned against his "movement," he says their opinions are negative. Some would say they re truthful. I could care less.

So Matt wants to be a role model for all those who have been wronged in a relationship. Maybe he'll start a new column right there. I can see it now. It ll be called Dear Matty. Well, like virtually everyone else in the world, I too have been cheated on or "wronged" in a relationship. But after having gone through this, like I said earlier, I no longer see things in those terms.

Let's face it, as much as V1 says he caters to his legion of Internet MFers, he holds one person above all others: himself. More power to him, but then don't ask why and how this all happened. He wanted a wife and kids & but his legacy came first. Listen, I wish there was an easy answer to all of this, but Matt, looking in the mirror might help. I've had to look into mine.

I don't always like what I see, but I still look.


I don't want to fall into the "he said, she said" game, (although I guess it's too late). Frankly I feel uncomfortable doing this. I said my piece when I verbally threw down Matt's punk card on RAW and Byte This!

The time for talking has been done for quite some time. I already proved my superiority verbally and physically. While Matt rehabbed and wrestled on some nickel and dime independent shows, I was beating Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton and Kane, among others. And I was defeating them in Ladder Matches, Cage Matches, Last Man Standing Matches, you name it.

Hardy came back expecting to fulfill his grandiose visions and exact revenge. Instead, he became my personal door-Matt. Sure, young Matthew made a hell of a showing in our Street Fight. As a matter of fact, it's one of the best matches I've ever been involved in (until his Side Effect from the stage). But therein lies the problem. Matt brings out the best in me, which is bad news for him.

You see, I've always rolled with the punches and played the hand life has dealt me. That's something Matt says he is trying to do, but the punches I've physically, verbally, mentally (and now in print) laid on him can't be shaken off. We're talking early Iron Mike Tyson-type punishment I've been putting on him. That treatment, similar to the clubbing of a baby seal, will continue this Sunday in a Steel Cage at Unforgiven.


I'm a proven big-game player. I seem to have a special aptitude for Cage Matches. Just ask Kane, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho or Kurt Angle.

In closing (and since it s in cyberspace I know you'll read this, Matt), over and over you've repeated your mantra, "I WILL NOT DIE!" That's fine, but I have put your cherished career on life support. So, move on with your life. Move as far away from me as possible because very soon, I will lose whatever patience I have left. And when I do, I'll pull the plug on your wrestling career. Then you can sit at home, not dying, and watch me dominate every week on RAW. Bank on it