Former WWE Wrestler Getting Married, Ultimate Warrior-WWE

The main page of features a large graphic of The Ultimate Warrior (circa 1990) with the following open invitation: World Wrestling Entertainment would like to issue an open invitation to the Ultimate Warrior. The former WWE Champion recently declined to be a part of the DVD The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior. The DVD, which promises to be one of the most controversial releases ever, features many former and current WWE Superstars talking about Warrior in a negative light. Now Ultimate Warrior has the opportunity to respond to those that have been verbally attacking him when Byte This! offers him an open invitation and open microphone Wednesday night. With recent reports stating that the DVD is a complete burrial of the former World Wrestling Federation Champion, it should be very interesting to hear whether or not Warrior accepts their offer. Warrior posted a very long commentary on his website back in July responding to reports that WWE was producing a negative DVD about his career.

Kevin Fertig, formerly WWE s Mordecai, is getting married this weekend. Doug Basham, Mordecai, and Gail Kim are among those in attendance the rehearsal dinner that took place tonight. They will all stay for the wedding as well.