Friday Night SmackDown, Trish Startus, No Mercy & More


Friday Night SmackDown scored a .0 fast national rating, with a five share. This is not bad, all things considered, however is most likely to drop due to the markets that the show was preempted in. They are not factored into this rating but will be affected by airing at off times. The show was preempted in New York, Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco.

In today's Calgary Sun features a story/interview with Trish Stratus. Also in today s Washington Times has a story on Mick Foley and his latest book.

WWE have opened the No Mercy subsite, nothing much on the site yet. At the moment it features the history of the event and poll asking you which No Mercy event was your favorite. Only one match has been announced for the show so far, World Heavyweight title match between Batista and Eddie Guerrero. The subsite can be seen at

Michael LeBlanc sent this one: I was watching USA this morning, and happened to see a new commercial for Raw. It starts out with Vince and a bunch of Superstars around the breakfast table of a nice, two-story house. Vince proclaims, "Listen up, we're moving." The various wrestlers begin to "pack" (Carlito packs sand, Piper packs his bagpipes, the Divas appear on an apparatus which is rolling out the bed they're on, wrestling while getting doused with water). Cena walks out the front door raising his belt high, and pyro goes off near the porch, Triple H sledgehammers a desk. Finally, they all get into a big 4-wheel drive truck (Vince driving), and Triple H says, "Hey, we there yet?" They drive off, dragging the the Raw ring in tow, scraping and sparking behind them. The announcer comes on to do the promo portion, and last but not least, a shot of the house's lawn, strewn with boxes and crashed stuff. A ref stumbles out of one of the boxes and runs off after the truck!