Full Hardcore Homecoming Results (Cleveland, OH) - Former ECW Stars

Thanks to Matthew Pocock of PWInsider.com for this:

I went to Hardcore Homecoming tonight in Cleveland and would say it was a decent crowd, not sold out but quite a few people in the place. Here are the results:


1. Blue Meanie defeated Tracy Smothers with a rollup. Comical match with referee getting involved and lots of double team moves by Meanie and Ref. Good opener.

2. Danny Doring defeated Chris Chetti with his jawbreaker/stunner move. Sorry, it's been years and I don't remember the name.

3. Johnny Grunge and Pitbull Gary Wolfe come out for a moment of silence for all their brothers that have passed, only to be interupted by J Rock. I think he's a local talent. Anyways he got a double team backflip onto the floor, followed by a chair shot or two by Gary Wolfe.

4. New Jack defeated Roadkill. Actually he pinned the ref with Roadkill making the count but he was declared the winner. Bloody fight right off the bat. New Jack was hit on his left arm with a metal grate, like from a barbeque grill and he never seemed the same. He eventually got sick of the ref interfering as he tried to use his sickle on Roadkill, and the two of them turned on the ref, knocking him out with the 187 chair shot off the top rope. After the match, New Jack thanked the crowd, and mentioned that he thought he may have broke his arm.



5. Raven beat Rhino with the Evenflow DDT. Crowd way into this match. Lots of F**k McMahon chants towards Rhino due to his release earlier this year. Very good match, not so much Hardcore weapons as their Unbreakable match.

6. Shane Douglas beat Jerry Lynn and Sabu in a Triple Threat match. It was only one fall, which was disappointing. He pinned Jerry Lynn after hitting him with a chain he had hidden in his trunks. Highlights included Lynn spanking Francine, and Lynn and Sabu double teamed Douglas after the match, juicing him severely. Best match of the night.

7. Team 3D beat Balls Mahoney and Ian Rotten in the bloodbath of the evening after powerbombing Mahony through a table. Very bloody match, with scissors, cheese grater, and lots of brawling in the arena, with plenty of chair shots. Ending came when Mahoney was trying to cover table in lighter fluid, but was jumped and slammed through the table. Ian no doubt was the bleeder of the night. Once again, lots of F**k McMahon chants towards Team 3D, but they didn't react to it. I don't blame them, I understand they left on good terms and wanna stay that way.

8. Sandman beat Justin Credible in Singapore Cane match with a DDT in a ring covered with chairs. Yes, Sandman called for a chair, and got about 30-50 of them offered to him. Good match, and the crowd really dug seeing the Sandman again. Post match, had Sandman give a heartfelt speech about the Hurricane relief donations, mentioning some of his own family who lost everything. Great way to end the night.


The Fanfest had about a dozen wrestlers show up for autographs. I received Sandman, Raven, Balls, Chris Chetti, Devon, Tracy Smothers, Danny Doring, Roadkill, Justin Credible, Blue Meanie, and Jerry Lynn. Shane Douglas was out there for awhile, but I never got to him before he left. I also got to meet Tracy Brooks from TNA, and she is gorgeous. I'm off to bed.