Hardcore Homecoming Show Cancelled, Jericho News; & More

Source: PWInsider.com

Hardcore Homecoming officials started calling wrestlers that were scheduled to work this weekends Hardcore Homecoming show in Buffalo yesterday. The Buffalo show has been cancelled leaving only two remaining shows for this weekend. According to sources, Hardcore Homecoming officials were informed by the venue holding the Buffalo show that they would need to sign a waiver stating that if WWE filed a lawsuit against them, they would be responsible for all damages in a court of law. As noted last week, the WWE legal team has been hard at work notifying both websites and promotions of 'copyright infringement'. Shane Douglas told Canadian wrestling website Slam! Wrestling this morning that, "(The facility) has asked (the organizers) to submit a letter of guarantee that the WWE won't take legal action against them if the show runs. Even though we can give them a letter saying that we're doing nothing illegal or violating anyone's trademarks, we can't guarantee them that no legal action will be taken. The last thing we want to do is go up there and run a show and then have a lawsuit filed against us and the building, which causes the building to have all sorts of negative publicity." We're also told there was some issues with the New York State Athletic commission as well. A statement should be released later today.


Chris Jericho will appear prior to the Emmy Awards for TV Guide's coverage of the red carpet at the Emmy Awards at 6 PM.